When you work on an ongoing creative project, it’s inevitable that there will be times when it’s exciting and at the front of your mind 24/7, and times when you won’t feel quite as creatively motivated by it, and times when it falls down the priority list a little bit.

Looking back on my Me and Mine efforts over the past few months, remembering that they were all taken at the very last-minute, and on my iPhone, I have realised that this is where I currently am with Me and Mine at the moment.

In fact, that’s where I’ve currently been with photography in general lately. My desire has been to film rather than shoot stills. I actually took a complete break from photography for around a month, which the 2012, 365ing me would have found completely UNBELIEVABLE.

Added to that, it’s the height of summer, when routines tend to disappear, my pace slows down, I spend a lot more time ‘living in the moment with my family’, and it’s easy to lose track of the online world a little bit. Or, if you’re me, it’s easy to lose track of everything.

These things happen for a reason though, and although my photography break was not forced, it was intentional. When the desire to shoot stills eventually returned, I felt my creativity and efficiency at getting ‘the right shots’ had been bolstered. The shots I’ve taken of the boys over the past few weeks are already some of my all-time favourites. And editing has been a joy, rather than something that was getting on top of me.

So, I’m biding my time for the motivation to come full circle with Me and Mine. And in the meantime, I leave you with these hurried and grainy shots from my iphone.

Sorry about the crapness.

image (3) image (2)


This month I’m sending you to see Lauren over at her awesome blog, Real Housewife of Suffolk County. She’ll be sharing a photo of her family from this month, and sending you along to visit someone else. You can follow the circle around to see what all the hosts have been up to.

Have you taken a family photo this month? Link it up below!


  1. Your photos are always great. And equally it’s nice to take a break from “Internet world” and even photography. Taking a break from life and enjoying family.

  2. I think everything goes around in cycles; and it’s nice to acknowledge where you are and just go with it – and besides who could resist such happy smiles!

  3. As long as it’s about the memories that really is all that matters. It is hard with summer, I haven’t been online anywhere near as much and I am only really blogging about certain events where I actually have my camera with me rather than just randomly blogging. I felt a bit disheartened about me and mine too in that I wanted to take some lovely ones as mine have all been a last minute job, but randomly we took some last minute this month and they are my favourite I have ever done! x

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