These photos were taken in the middle of April, on the first warm day of the year. We got a bit ahead of ourselves with the sun coming out, and decided to go for a walk in the woods. The problem was that the previous few days had been really rainy, and so the ground was a complete mud bath.

Arlo has outgrown his wellies so was stomping around the mud in canvas shoes (shudder), Sam got mud all over his jeans as a result of picking Arlo up to pose for photos. We couldn’t sit on the ground, so we’ve ended up with more awkward crouching shots (maybe I should just adopt it as our signature pose?)


I was annoyed because we’d left it way too late in the day and I couldn’t find a decent shady area for our shots. Sam was annoyed because he wanted to get on with planning his first barbecue of the year. And Arlo kept asking, “Can we go home now?” So, it was a typical photoshoot for our family.

IMG_6254-copy IMG_6245-copy IMG_6232-copy

As usual, we are linking up in a circle so you can click through to each blogger’s Me and Mine posts. This week I’m sending you on to Becky who writes at The Ar-Blog. I first found Becky’s blog when we were both nominated in the BiBs photography category last year, and I was just bowled over by all the lovely images on The Ar-Blog. Check it out to see what I mean.

If you have taken a family photo in the last month, you can add it to the Me and Mine Linky below. I’d love to see what everyone has been up to this month.


  1. Is it just me, or does Sam seem to get more into this project as the months go by? Hehehe.
    Lovely photos, and it’s so funny to hear the story behind them because until you mentioned it, I hadn’t really noticed all the muddiness. The woods are such a fun place for photos, thats where we’ll be headed next month.
    I have to say that the ones with your bump proudly showing are my favourites; mainly because next month (with any luck) that bump will be a new baby instead. x

    1. I think Sam has accepted that if he smiles and does the photoshoot ‘properly’, then it’s all over quicker!

  2. This time next month you will be in the position I was in February- you go from a photo of three of you to a photo of four of you- and it is just the most weird but exciting thing ever! And Sam definitely seems to love the photo project?! I also love BBQ season! x

    1. Ahhh yes will be very strange! But my due date is towards the end of May so chances are it will be right at the end of May (or even June, eek!) so will be an interesting challenge to get a shot of the four of us in time for May’s Me and Mine!

  3. hooray to walks in the woods at last.
    I recall a few years ago being on our third barbecue by the end of April – no such luck this year but fingers crossed the harsh winter means we’ve some balmy summer days to look forward to (I live in hope)

  4. You look lovely Chloe! So glowing and pregnant! It’s great how involved your family get! Is it next month your due?

  5. Sam does look like he is enjoying the project, especially with his funny pose!
    These photos are fantastic. Looks like you had a fun (muddy) time.
    Looking forward to seeing your May photo! x

  6. what gorgeous photos! I love being in the woods – it’s our new favourite thing now Noah is a bit older! I don’t know why I’ve not visited your blog before but I’ll definitely put it in my reader now so I can hear all baby news!! 🙂

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