I have been astounded with the results of using MUTU System after just 5 weeks. My MUTU System before and after photos really show a difference that I wasn’t prepared to see. Read on to hear my full MUTU System review.

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Two months ago, I embarked on a new at-home fitness program, MUTU System. MUTU System concentrates on three areas – diet, exercise, and strengthening your core (your tummy and pelvic floor muscles, which are all connected).

I’d always thought of core strengthening as something fitness folk do to be strong and toned. I’ll worry about that later, I thought, for now I just want to lose weight. But then I met MUTU System founder Wendy, who gave me my lightbulb moment that core strengthening is hugely beneficial for all women, especially if you have had babies. It’s not just about stopping you weeing, it also helps your posture and flattens your tummy.

MUTU system reviews

Having done precisely zero core strength training in my lifetime, I wondered whether the MUTU System workouts would be the missing link to stop me constantly looking five months pregnant?

I have a short torso, and all my weight gravitates towards my middle. Going into my new fitness mission two months ago, my goals were 1. Lose weight. 2. Flatten my tummy. 3. Make healthier food choices.

But mainly I wanted to find IT. The thing that was FINALLY going to transform me, where all other fads, diets, and exercise endeavours had failed.

Although I started MUTU System 8 weeks ago, I am currently 5 weeks into the 12 week MUTU system program, having taken 3 separate full weeks off for 1. Christmas. 2. My birthday. 3. Illness.


One of my major stumbling blocks when starting a new fitness or diet regime is how much info you need to absorb right from the off. Sometimes you need a couple of days just to plan, shop, and wade through all this new information, otherwise you will not get it right, or worse, fail spectacularly.

The great thing about MUTU System is the gradual start. The first week of MUTU System involves a 10 minute core exercise. That is all. By the second week, the core exercise has fully become an ingrained part of your routine and you are ready to tackle the diet side of things with a shopping list and guidebook that MUTU provides. MUTU System provides the easiest start if you want to take advantage of a sudden burst of motivation and just want to dive right in TODAY. All you need is 10 minutes out of your day.

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Within MUTU System, there is a deeply satisfying check off system when you have completed a task. Fans of a checklist will be happy. It does mean, however, that you cannot move forward a week until all elements of the week you are on are checked off. Bad news for impatient people like me – I’m quite used to daily HIIT sessions, and found myself wanting to skip forward to WEEK 3 and the intensive MUTU System workouts.

But I’m glad that the system meant that I had to do it the right way. Slow and steady wins the race, and I think I would have been at risk of enthusiasm burnout if I hadn’t painstakingly followed MUTU System to a T. I am spontaneous when it comes to starting a new health kick. I‘m either all in or all out, and am often both of these things in quick succession – I know this is my downfall.


10 minutes, plus a daily walk


35 minutes at least 3 x per week, plus a daily walk.

The most important tip I can give is to think carefully about what times of day to do your exercises and STICK WITH THOSE TIMES. It has to work with your schedule otherwise you just won’t stick to it. The times when I skipped my MUTU System workouts were the times when our family schedule got busy and I just wasn’t thinking ahead about fitting in my MUTU workouts.


The MUTU system food plan is not at all dissimilar to patterns of eating that I already follow: protein, good fats, low carb (or just the ‘good’ ones like brown rice and rye breads), no refined sugars or junk food. There is a focus on fresh fruit, veg, and unprocessed foods. The rule of MUTU System is that if you can’t easily identify the natural source of a food product, don’t eat it.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming and very different to your current eating patterns, don’t worry. MUTU System offer a very gentle introduction into a new way of eating. You don’t have to change everything at once, MUTU instead offering the suggestion that you try 2 new wholesome foods per week. I loved this particular challenge, as it forced me out of any potential food ruts (After overdoing the avocados and eggs in 2016, there are now only so many occasions per week I can eat those foods without getting utterly bored of them).


Did you know that your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles (the muscles that help you achieve a flatter tummy) are connected? And did you know there are three separate parts of your pelvic floor? Pelvic floor exercises are NOT just about having a little squeeze occasionally, something I’ve only learnt through doing MUTU system.

With MUTU System, you do 10 minute daily exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles – both areas that get a bit of a battering during pregnancy.

I found the MUTU System core strengthening exercises very easy to fit in with our family life, and I very quickly began to look forward to those 10 minutes of quiet time. It’s really quite meditative. For the full relaxation experience, I would recommend doing the MUTU core exercises after your children have gone to bed, or before they wake in the morning.

By the end of the first two weeks, I could already feel that my core was stronger and firmer. But I was ready for some more intensive exercise.


After MUTU System WEEK 2, the intensive workouts begin. This is 25 minutes of HIIT style exercise.

I had to put more thought into when to do the intensive exercise. It’s 25 minutes so not too easy to with a toddler around. I found if I waited until nap time, there were a million other things to do at that time. For me, I knew that realistically the best time for me to schedule in the MUTU intensive exercises to be sure that I’d stick with it, was first thing in the morning. I set my alarm half an hour earlier and complete my exercises before the children are up.

I enjoyed INTENSIVE 1. It didn’t feel like I was pushing my body too hard, like with some HIIT workouts not targeted specifically towards mums. And there were none of the moves that have me questioning whether this really is the best exercise for someone who has had three babies and has a weak core. Too much stress on the abdominal muscles after pregnancy can actually push them out and make you look even more rounded / pregnant – MUTU System is tailored for mums so I had complete faith that everything I was doing as part of the MUTU exercises would help my quest for a slimmer tummy, not hinder it. 

The level of the MUTU intensive exercises is very much a beginner HIIT – a really great introduction for those of us who haven’t been doing regular exercise before.

I think that MUTU system INTENSIVE 1 & 2 are great for those who are looking for a gentle introduction to cardio exercise and are starting from a point of no regular exercise at all. It is perhaps a bit low level for those used to high intensity exercise.  If you are used to HIIT, running, or any other form of cardio, you might find INTENSIVE 1 AND 2 a little low level. Of course, you can compliment the intensives with other workouts if you wish. But, for me, the real gem of MUTU System is the core strengthening, and I will talk about that further once I’ve shown you my results.




79.5 kgs / 12.5 stone


76.2 kgs / 11.10 stone

WEIGHT LOSS: 3.3kgs / 9 lbs

Considering that I have PCOS and lose weight at a frustrating snails pace, my weight loss is pretty spot on for when I’m exercising and eating well. I will never be one of these “I started a diet 2 weeks ago and have already lost a stone’ stories. My weight is incredibly stubborn to come off, but when it comes off, it generally stays off.

Not even half way through my MUTU system program, I’ve lost the same amount that my newborn babies weighed. Not only that, but I’m focused and know that if I stick to plan, more weight will come off.

It’s not (yet!) enough weight to go down a dress size, or enough to create a dramatic difference to my appearance. But the real success is in my MUTU System before and after photos. I actually dreaded taking the after photos, as I didn’t think there would be enough of a change to bother putting them side by side. In my head, I was already writing my excuses about how I’d taken too many weeks off to have fun and eaten a few too many burgers and indulgent meals during that time (Christmas and a food-heavy birthday weekend away will do that to you, of course!)

But as I sat and my computer and put the images next to each other, I got really excited when I realised that you could, in fact, see a pretty big difference.


MUTU System review. Mutu system before and after. weight loss with mutu system my week 5 results

My waistline has more definition, and my tummy is much less rounded. I don’t actually credit my weight loss with this change, I honestly think it’s much more to do with a reduction in bloating from making better food choices, and the 10 minutes per day that I’ve been putting aside to strengthen my core with the MUTU exercises.

You can see many more examples of MUTU Before and Afters here on the MUTU website.

The MUTU system core exercises have revolutionised the way I think about that particular section of my body, and that has been my biggest takeaway from doing the 12 week MUTU System course so far.

Never before have I learnt so much about why my core is important and how to strengthen it. Thanks to MUTU System, I’ve come away really feeling the difference and learning something completely new. For me, this is the biggest plus point in my review of the MUTU System program.   

I’m not even at the halfway point of the MUTU system course, and I’ve already found a palpable change to my tummy area. I can’t wait to progress through the rest of the course and see what results I find at the end!

The core and the pelvic floor are closely connected, and by strengthening the two together you are not only helping yourself achieve a flatter tummy, but you are also helping with all those postnatal pelvic floor issues.

Thanks for reading my MUTU System review – see below for a special offer discount code! 

MUTU System discount code 2019

If you would like to try MUTU system for yourself, MUTU have given me a discount code that will give 15% off the full course price (from £146 to £124). This gives you lifetime access so you can come back to it whenever you need (particularly useful if you plan to have more babies in the future!) Click here for your MUTU system discount code, and don’t forget to type in the code EMBRACE15 at the MUTU checkout to receive a 15% discount.

How I lost 9 lbs and strengthened my core in 8 weeks using MUTU system. This blog post describes how I lost baby weight and achieved a flatter tummy in just 8 weeks by followinga new exercise, fitness, and diet program designed specifically for mums / people who have had babies. MUTU system will also help with diastasis recti and pelvic floor problems.

Disclosure: I have been paid to write about my MUTU System review, and I am using a MUTU System Affiliate link which will earn me a little bit of money if you decide to purchase a MUTU System course. 




  1. Looking great! How exciting to find a method that works for you. You can really see the difference in the photos.

  2. Wow, congratulations at making it a part of your daily life, that’s the key isn’t it for it to be as habitual as brushing your teeth! You can definitely see a difference in your photos :0)

  3. That difference is amazing. Your waist and stomach look so good and you can see a huge difference. I’ve seen it over the years and kind of been tempted but never done it. I reeeeally would love to flatten my stomach. That’s my huge problem area and I had no idea that your pelvic floor had 3 areas 😮

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