My first Listography entry. This week’s list seemed particularly relevant considering my frequent use of the internet.


This is how I stay up to date with the world (of celebrity, fashion, and random bits of trivia, of course).


I usually end up here after I’ve watched a film that grabs my attention.

I get drawn to the message boards. I don’t know why, I can’t help it. Even though they are inhabited by thirteen year olds and people who love to spark inane debates. I can’t stop reading.


Couldn’t leave the ol’ faithful off the list, seeing as I’m on there every spare minute.

This is where I find out about upcoming gigs and new artists. When I want an instant playlist, I listen to the radio stations by ‘tag’.

A.V. Club:

In depth articles and reviews of film and TV. I watch a lot of TV shows, so I particularly like the TV section.

To see which websites others frequent, visit


  1. Ah, Twitter. Never used to ‘get’ it. Then I suddenly ‘got it’, big style, and now I’m a total addict and I’m never off it!
    So naturally it made my list too… 🙂

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