[dropcap]I[/dropcap] think I’d bore myself silly doing regular baby updates.

I am utterly rubbish at sticking to any sort of scheduled posts, it always makes my creativity nosedive, knowing that I HAVE to write something whether I feel like it or not. Plus, I just don’t really have that much interest in remembering what sort of routine he was in or how often he did this or that. Perhaps it’s a third baby thing.

But I do want to make sure I note down the joyful moments. I know from experience that it’s so so easy to forget what tiny babies are like once they are no longer tiny babies anymore. And there have been so many joyful moments. 

And so here are my favourite snippets of life with with Baby O at this stage.

I’m still used to you being in the sleepy newborn phase, but you are waking up now. It’s always a lovely surprise when I’m holding you, to look down to find you looking at me already. And then, the big smile follows. Like you were just waiting for me to look at you.

You aren’t quite full on chuckling yet, but you lift up your chin and do this cooing noise and your eyes shine and we know that you are happy.

You’ve started to crave interaction and it’s incredibly sweet. You seek it out by waiting for us to look at you and then giving us a big grin and kicking your legs in excitement and  making noises to let us know that you want us to talk to you.

Your different cries. There’s your “loud noise” cry, your hungry cry, and then the cry that you do when you just want to be picked up, which isn’t really a cry at all, more of an old man grumble.

The way you kind of stink all the time. Perhaps not quite a joyful moment, but it’s definitely one of your defining characteristics. I know it’s because you struggle with wind and that makes everything a bit smelly, but if I had a pound for every time someone told me they think you’ve done a poo, I’d be retiring now. Or at the very least I could buy everyone a gas mask.

The way that it’s only taken you two months to figure out that Dada is the silly one, and your brothers are the fun ones.

The fact that your biggest brother thinks you are just the best thing ever and is never far away from you.

And your second biggest brother, whilst not quite so vocal about it, loves you too and especially adores it when you give him smiles.

How lucky you are to be third-born and have two big brothers to learn so much from.

img_9008-edit-copy img_9538-edit-copy

I think it’s a large part of the reason why I feel so gutted when I think about not doing the baby thing any more. Because I will never be able to place myself back there entirely. I thought I remembered, it had only been three years since Rory. But I had forgotten so much. And Arlo as a baby? Gosh that whole phase feels like a distant fog now.

So many moments from the early months came flooding back with the arrival of our third baby. So many happy rediscoveries.

How could I forget all the small joys of having a young baby?

I get it now. I get why people go a bit crazy over newborns and young babies. I am totally on my way to becoming one of those people. Or perhaps I just need to get a puppy.

I can’t end this any other way but by sounding really incredibly cheesy. But here it goes:

I know I will forget the small details. I will think I can recall what it feels like to hold my own two month old. What their chubby tummies look like. Those cooing noises they make. How they can’t talk, but yet they can still communicate so much just from a look or a certain mannerism.

But I will forget things without realising. I won’t be able to conjure up the small details so vividly in my mind, even if I think I can.

But I hope when I read this back, the emotions will still ring clear – I will remember instantly what a happy time it was and just how much I have been enjoying the baby days with you.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the last two months:

img_9012-edit-copyimg_0436-copy img_0411-copy osmile img_0348-copy img_8634-edit-copy img_8642-edit-copyimg_9058-edit-copy img_9250-edit-copyimg_0456-copy img_9593-edit-copy img_9603-edit-copyimg_0263-copy img_0262-copy img_0309-copyp1000488-edit-copy p1000481-edit-copyimg_0762-copy img_0542-edit-copy-2p1000503-edit-copy p1000550-edit-copy




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