Although I get my kicks from portrait photography, there was a time when I prefered taking landscape shots.

In 2007, for my 21st birthday, my uncle gave me his hand-me-down DSLR as he had just upgraded to a better model. It was a Canon Rebel 300D with the standard kit lens, and was probably the best present I’ve ever received (apart from my 40D that Sam bought me, of course!). I wasted no time in using it, and these were some of the very first few shots I took. I can vividly remember eagerly going out early one winter morning to test out my new camera. These shots are doubly significant as they were taken in Richmond Park – a place that holds a lot of fond memories for me and was my ‘almost back garden’ for over twenty years.

I’m joining in with The Gallery for the first time this week.



    1. To be honest…I can’t quite remember (it was so long ago!). The colour was already quite bleached out because I was shooting towards the sun, but I probably desaturated a bit further and upped the blacks and contrast a bit.

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