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IMG_2742Failing to get us all into this sofa-snuggle shot (I need longer arms!)


He would never fall asleep on the sofa like this for meIMG_2734New camera toysIMG_2733 Birthday flowers


Big boy Thomas pants (we have adopted a very lazy approach to potty training. Some days we bother, some days we don’t)IMG_2724Pretending to nap on my bedIMG_2717Getting really quick at completing this jigsaw that he got for Christmas


A snacky dinner in front of the TV. David Attenborough’s Africa has been a huge hit with Arlo.IMG_2759A jacket that has been in my family for years. All of my siblings have worn this at one point or another!

Now that I’m not doing a photo-a-day project, I’ve decided to bring back the ‘Snippets’ posts that I started doing last year, as I have a whole lot of ‘every day moments’ that aren’t otherwise being shared. Excuse the absolute horriblness of my phone’s photo quality in most of these photos. I actually bit the bullet and finally upgraded my phone last week (after four years with the same phone!), so I have a much better phone camera to play with now!

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