A trip to your local pet shop or aquatic shop.

I kept note of Alice’s tweet about Pets At Home being a really fun place for a toddler,  and next time we were passing our local branch (Purley Way has everything), I popped in with Arlo.

I was his best friend that day because I took him to the pet shop. Everything seemed to be at his eye level too, which was a bonus.

He has to purse his lips and furrow his brow in order to say Fish, which comes out more like “Fschhhish!”

We’ve also been known to pop into our local aquatic shop in Crystal Palace, another winner with Arlo. Although Pets At Home is much larger, so I don’t get the feeling that I’m bothering anyone by using their shop floor as a lazy way to entertain my toddler.


On another subject, amazingly, Sam has won the M&S man-over competition!! He’s really excited, and I’m very happy that he gets to have a treat for once, and a really great treat at that! He’s got an important business trip coming up next month so a new suit make so much difference. And we get to go on a date too! We’re very thankful to have been picked.


  1. We use Pets at Home as cheap Saturday entertainment too – we’re usually in there every week because of our zillions of animals anyway!

    Thanks for linking Alice’s blog – something else for me to waste my time on today, hehe

    Oh & ps. wahey for Sam winning the M&S thingy!

  2. We love to go to pets at home too, theo loves the rabbits ( as do I!). Garden centres are pretty good places too, as they often have playgrounds too!

    We have those dungarees too, they make them look so grown up don’t they? Something about the super skinny legs! Wish we’d got a size up though as I’m not sure how long they’re going to last us 🙁

    And congrats to Sam for winning the competition, sounds like it was much needed!


    1. I LOVE those dungarees. Oh no, that’s a shame that they might not last you too long. I do find Tootsa MacGinty stuff comes up a little small on Arlo so I tend to always buy up one or two sizes. Arlo’s been wearing his 18 – 24 month ones since he turned 1, they were massive then but I could get away with it by turning them up and adjusting the shoulder straps. Such a great buy though, they’ve lasted really well and I think they look great. Arlo’s got another pair in a larger size waiting for him when he grows out of these ones because I love them so much!

      1. Yeh I stupidly bought him 18-24 thinking they’d last, but I keep forgetting he’s already 20 months?! And he’s super tall! They’re still on sale so might have to stock up on the next sizes up!

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