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Hollywood Studios is THE place to go if you have children who love Star Wars.


In a few years, a dedicated Star Wars Land will be opening, which is sure to be amazing for fans. But in the meantime, what’s on at Hollywood Studios for Star Wars fans?

hollywood studios for kids that love star wars. star wars at disney world

Jedi Training Academy


We actually had two failed attempts at the Jedi Training Academy during our recent trip to Disney World. One that was unfortunately rained off, and one where both children chickened out at the last minute – the Darth Vadar fear is real.

But, on the upside, we concluded that it is fairly do-able to book onto Jedi Training school. Provided you get to the park at opening, and you head straight to the Jedi Training booking area, you stand a good chance.

Top tip: Jedi Training Academy is an outdoor attraction that will not run if it’s raining. Try to avoid booking a mid-afternoon slot when it’s most likely to rain.


Star Wars Launch Bay

chewbacca meet and greet hollywood studios

Star Wars launch bay comprises of a theatre where you can watch a behind the scenes video celebrating the making of the Star Wars films, the Star Wars character meet and greets, and a whole host of Star Wars memorabilia to look at.

At the launch bay you will also find storm troopers Interrogating passers by and occasionally hauling them off for further questioning. We loved just hanging around watching them, there were some very funny moments.

storm trooper disney world

March of the First Order


Watch Captain Phasma march her storm troopers through Hollywood Studios. We found that this is best watched from the street rather than by the stage, so you can get a good view of them marching up Hollywood Boulevard.


Star Wars character meet and greets

BB8 character meet hollywood studios

The Star Wars character meet and greets were one of our absolute highlights of our trip. BB8 is like no other character you can meet at Disney World (being a droid, and not human). Kylo Ren was probably our favourite character to encounter, because he’s quite scary and rude – our children thought it was so fun, we had to meet him twice!


A Galaxy Far Far Away stage show

hollywood studios for children who love star wars

A Galaxy Far Far Away is a chance to celebrate Star Wars characters old and new, we loved this stage show.


Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular fireworks show

star wars galactic spectacular fireworks hollywood studios

This nighttime show plays at Center Stage every evening at Hollywood Studios. We especially liked the “baddies” section.


Star Tours

hollywood studios ATAT

This is a 3D motion simulator ride that takes you on an adventure to popular Star Wars destinations. With multiple story combinations, you get a slightly different adventure each time, so it’s a great one for repeat rides.


Hollywood Studios in one day?


Because our children are such huge Star Wars fans, we allowed two park days for Hollywood Studios to ensure we saw absolutely everything and could take our time and repeat favourites (We rode Star Tours several times and had two character visits with Kylo Ren because we loved how menacing he was).

If you want to experience all the Star Wars attractions on top of everything else on offer at Hollywood Studios, I would definitely say this is a two day park. However, if you are just there for Star Wars, I’d say you could do it all in one day with some careful planning.

Top tip – skip Path of the Jedi, it’s just clips of the Star Wars films put together into one long trailer.


We are super excited to see what else is added to the Star Wars line up once Star Wars Land opens in 2019!

Watch our day out at Hollywood Studios video below for a bigger picture of what’s on at Hollywood Studios for children who like Star Wars:

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  1. Our first shot a Jedi training got rained off (at lunchtime) so we had to visit Hollywood Studios on another day – was well worth it though. Highly recommend the make your own light sabre too – Sebby has barely put his down

    1. We had the same thing happen with rain, so also decided to come back again for a second early start at Hollywood Studio…then they both chickened out at the very last second. We didn’t do make your own light sabers (only because the boys have something similar at home) but we did do build your own droid which they loved.

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