hexagon honeycomb wall shelves

hexagon home decor

I have this thing for hexagons. They add a super stylish boost to an average room, and they work very well in any space – bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, hexagons aren’t fussy. Their neat, symmetrical lines just make me happy. Here are 8 great ways to work a hexagonal design into your home decor:

1. Black hexagonal tiles work well with grey or white tones. Whilst white hexagons are striking against wood or bright shades.

black hexagon tile


white hexagon bathroom tile


2. This turquoise and terracotta colour palette creates an inviting warmth to this town house kitchen.

terrecotta hexagon tiles


3. Hexagonal wall shelves add interest without being an overwhelming design feature. There is so much versatility  – symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement, add a bit of bold colour, opt for a natural wood finish, or go for a clean white look.

hexagon honeycomb wall shelves



honeycomb wall shelf white


honeycomb shelves


Hexagonal shelves are available in every single shade imaginable (failing that you can paint them yourself), so you are guaranteed to find something to compliment and enhance your chosen colour palette.

4. Below is one of my favourite hexagonal looks. It would work equally well in a kitchen or a bathroom.

 hexagon tileSource

5. If easy to install and to clean is your priority, vinyl flooring could be a great option for you. It’s an affordable alternative, and the right design can create a great-looking result. Check out this hexagonal vinyl from Carpetright.

hexagon vinyl

6. How about a wall decal for a fun update to a playroom or bedroom? Take a look on Etsy, you can usually pick custom colours too.

hexagon honeycomb wall decalSource

7. Changing up textiles is a great way to update a room without committing to a permanent design change. A honeycomb or hexagonal design looks great on rugs, cushions, and other soft furnishings.

hexagon textilesSource

8. You can even work a hexagonal design into your furniture. I love this bar stool:

* Thank you to Carpetright for partnering with Sorry About The Mess.

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