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If Sam had his way, we would never buy anything for our house. His motto is “Why buy more furniture? Just have less stuff”. Luckily, Sam rarely gets his way. However, I do try to remain respectful of our budget and Sam’s wishes. It’s very rare that I buy things for the house, and only after a lot of carefully considered thought. I only ever fight for Sam to relent that we should buy something if it is a good deal (you can easily find a lot of popular furniture items second hand or even free) and we have identified that we really need it.

It’s all very sensible and boring round here.

However, I do have a great imagination when it comes to my ideal home. In my head, our house is a perfectly co-ordinated space where everything matches and there’s a space for everything. (In reality, everything is freecycled and ill-fitting, and none of it does it’s job very well.) I love a planned out space, it’s one of my favourite daydreams. I have wishlists of what I would buy if money was no object. When pregnant with Arlo, I would wander round department stores, mentally picking out my favourite furniture items for his nursery.

Often known to peruse home and furniture websites for my favourite items, today, I’m teaming up with Furniture Village to show you my picks from their collection:furniture villageMy perfect bed would be big enough for the whole family, with handy underbed storage, and a padded headboard. This Super king Hadley Ottoman bedstead would be a dream. Our bedroom is painted white, with white floaty curtains, and it gets a lot of light in the summer months.I often think that with all-light/neutral furniture, our bedroom would be transformed into a really calming, light space.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a corner sofa really would make the best use of space in our compact living room. Our current setup is a two seater and a (broken) armchair. A corner sofa would allow our whole family to sit together, we’d never be short of places to sit when we have guests round of an evening, and it would also grant me my all-important stretching out space. The light grey colour of this Copenhagen LHF classic corner sofa makes a flexible backdrop for any cushion/accessories colour scheme.

The boys share a room. Which means at some point in the very near future, we will be looking at bunk beds. I have heard great things about the Stompa brand, and I love that you can choose between a trundle bed, underbed storage, or just the bunk bed with no storage. We’d probably go for option C, and create our own underbed storage solution. As with all good bunk beds, they are detachable, giving you the option to use them as two separate single beds.

I think sliding wardrobe doors are a great idea for small spaces. I love the colour options of these Welle High Five Slider warbrobes. Cheerful yellow would be perfect for the children’s bedroom, whilst I’d opt for a white or a netural shade for our room. Our existing wardrobes were left by the previous owner. They are brown veneer and I have never liked them. Updating our wardrobes to something that fits in with our decor tastes would make the biggest difference to our bedrooms and I’m determined to get there one day! Dream big.


Thank you to Furniture Village for partnering with Sorry About The Mess. 


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