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As one of the biggest, most diverse cities in all of the world, it’s no surprise that more and more startup businesses are formed in London every year. But what is it that makes London such an attractive prospect?

Access to customers

With over 8 million people living in London, it’s easily the biggest single marketplace in the UK, with access to more customers than any other city in the UK. If your business or product is going to take off then you need to make sure that you get it in front of potential customers. Whether this is at trade shows, or simply local advertising, it’s key to any startup success.

More European HQs than any other city

A study by Deloitte revealed in 2014 that more companies chose to have their main or European headquarters in London than anywhere else. 40% of the 250 biggest businesses on the planet have a HQ in London. This is a huge portion of the biggest names. Next on the list is Paris with only 8% of the top 250 choosing to set up a HQ in the French capital.
One of the main reasons that companies choose to use London is that the capital’s typical working hours match up with countries that make up 99% of the world’s GDP.

Flexible workspaces

For many startups, being able to afford an office anywhere in the early phase can be an expensive task. This becomes an even harder mission when you’re looking to set up an office in London. With rising costs of both living and working spaces in England’s capital, it’s often an impossible task.
More and more startups are choosing to make use of the capital’s vast array of flexible working spaces. Designed for small companies just starting out, these purpose-built facilities let you drop in to a co-working environment whenever you choose. Some come with a desk and space to dock your laptop, as well as the opportunity to network with other smaller businesses and likeminded entrepreneurs. London has the largest offering of flexible co-working spaces in the UK.
You can then give yourself a London presence by signing up for a virtual 020 London telephone number. This will allow you to publish an 020 number on your website, but have all calls divert through to your mobile phone or landline number regardless of where you’re working. You can change the divert at any time, and keep the number for as long as you like.

Rich culture

London, with its rich culture and historic setting comes a sense of prestige. There’s no other way around it. If your company looks like it’s based in London, then you are going to come across as more reputable than one that might be based elsewhere. You’re also going to appeal to a wider range of customers just by setting up your base of operations in London’s capital.

Diversity with over 300 languages spoken

With over 8 million people living and breathing in the capital, it’s the most culturally diverse in the world. It’s estimated that well over 300 different languages are spoken in London, which makes it the perfect place to appeal to a wide range of different demographics. This makes it a great testing ground for a new platform or product, as you can see which groups of people you have the most success with.
Whether you plan to physically move to London or not, there is no doubt that choosing to base your new business in the capital of England has some huge benefits across the board!

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