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Christmas parties are a fantastic way to invite your friends and family to you brand new home. Whether you have just moved into one of the new home developments in British towns and cities or a small cottage in the middle of nowhere – a Christmas party is definitely needed.

The first Christmas in a brand new home is always exciting and is most definitely a reason to celebrate. A party will also allow you to test out your new home and show it off to your guests. So, it is definitely worthwhile transforming your home into the ideal Christmas party location for this special event.

Also, as it is a brand new house, it is a great excuse to buy brand new decorations!

Choose a theme

As it is a party – you need a theme! Whilst Christmas alone is a theme for your guests, you should choose one for your house and decoration style. For example, do you want to be traditional with red and gold? Or more modern with blue and silver? This is your choice depending on your taste but it’s important that you pick a couple of complementary colours to give your Christmas decor a common theme.

Make a good impression: your front door

The minute your guests come to your front door they should feel in the festive spirit and comfortable in your new home. Add lights to your front door and some decorations. You could also give your guests their presents as they arrive to ensure they are in a good mood as they walk in.

Decorations and centre pieces

Ensure that your entire dining room and living area is full of conversation starters and focal pieces of festivity. You can create DIY decorations or purchase something from a store; it is your choice. You should also make sure that your decorations and centre pieces all complement one another and remain within one style. Do not try to mix and match as this does not work well for the Christmas period.

Entertaining in a new home can be extremely nerve racking and does take quite a lot of organisation, but it can also be fun. If you ensure your home looks modern, sophisticated and fun then it will be the best party of the year.

The secret to a successful dinner party is ensuring your guests have fun, so put on the Christmas music and enjoy the evening!

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