Over on Youtube, I have been attempting to stick to (almost) weekly family videos.

Day-to-day, I find that I take just as many little video clips as I do photos, and I’ve been enjoying putting them all together into a little summary of our week.

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I won’t go overboard by doing a blog post for each individual video, but I wanted to share this week’s one, as it’s a particular favourite of mine so far:

I love that videos give me more of a presence for my family to hear and remember – I have so many lovely photos of the boys, but in those, I’m the silent one behind the camera, and it seems easy to gloss over the fact that I was even there.

Sometimes, I look back at photos of Arlo as a baby, and I can’t transport myself back to that point in time. Recently, Sam and I accidentally stumbled upon some videos of Arlo talking when he had just turned two. We were knocked back at how different he sounded. We realised how easily we’d forgotten the smaller details. The videos were so surprising and nostalgic that I found myself shedding a tear or two.

I love that videos mean that I can easily recall exactly how they talked, and their mannerisms at any particular age, at the click of a button.  I love that I can capture those ‘firsts’ on camera.

Creating family videos has fast become another layer in my memory-keeping practises.



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