If you happened to be listening to me on Twitter the morning that I took these photos (New Year’s Eve), then you will already know of my moaning that I had to take a family shot to finish off my 366 project, that today was my last chance, and that the light in our house (god-awful at the best of times) was too gloomy that day and the photos were going to look flat and grainy and definitely not as good as they could be. hi-res-JPEG-ready-for-print4-copy

Looking at the shots we did get that morning, in about 10 minutes because Sam has no patience for my photoshoots after that point, with literally no forethought or planning (except I did make Sam move a wardrobe to let more light in), it leaves me to wonder whether my moaning about what can’t be acheived can sometimes get in the way of what can be acheived.

I mean, Sam even did a normal smile in some of these shots.

hi-res-JPEG-ready-for-print5-copyIt’s definitely better to press the shutter and worry about it later rather than miss the shot completely.


  1. They are such lovely photos! It would have been a shame if you’d missed out on them, family photos are so special. Dad2Baby hates the camera so would NEVER EVER take part in a photo shoot like that! X

    1. It’s so annoying when they are like that. Sam is actually worse than Arlo when it comes to co-operating for photos. You’ll have to force him to take some at some point!

  2. Great photos! I have given up on trying to get family ones – I have THREE impatient boys! 🙁 (including husband)

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