Wow, eight months of Snapshots and Scenes already!

I am really enjoying this creative video project. It is so different to the longform, chatty content that I usually put out on YouTube. And I’m loving that the practice of creating short video really makes me stop and think about which clips to cut and which to keep.

January is my birthday month. It’s so close to Christmas and it’s such a cold and dreary month that I’m usually happy to hibernate with a takeaway and not make a big ‘thing’ out of my birthday. But this year, Sam well and truly surprised me with a last minute weekend trip to Edinburgh – we left the next day!

I have a longer video to come all about what I got for my birthday and what we got up to in Edinburgh, so make sure you subscribe to my channel for that. But for now, this video serves as a sneak peak into our weekend away.

I love that the pace of this video reflects the whirlwind mood of our trip.


Snapshots and Scenes is a monthly project focusing on telling a story through words, images, and video. It can be a summary of the month just past, a celebration of a special occasion or milestone, or highlighting the little moments.
I’m approaching Snapshots and Scenes as a way to honour the little stories of life that make our family what it is.


Snapshots and Scenes is open to everyone! We’d love to hear your stories and your adventures, big and small. Just link up your blog posts or youtube videos below to join in:


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