I did Vlogmas last year and loved it, but at the same time, daily vlogging during the busiest month of the year is no easy task.


This December, I still wanted to have the fun of Vlogmas, without the MASSIVE COMMITMENT of making a video every single day, sometimes just for the sake of having something to upload, even when I knew it wasn’t my most compelling work.

So, instead, I decided to dedicate December to day in the life vlogs. There might not be one every single day, but all of my videos in December will be family daily life / fly on the wall vlogs. So no chatty sit down videos or travel vlogs this month, but those will be back in January alongside a little bit more day in the life vlogging.

It’s perfect for me, because it means I get to flex my daily vlogging skills again (which I found so incredibly valuable last year), but I’m not at the risk of burn out. Without the pressure to upload every single day, it means that everything I upload this December will be things that I am excited to put out there and things that I think (or hope!) will be interesting to watch. I’m really excited with my Vlogmas compromise, as I really think it gives me the best of both worlds.

I thought I would use Snapshots and Scenes this month to showcase my December daily life videos so far. It’s a bit of a cop out perhaps ; ) But anyone who has done Vlogmas or any other intense vlogging challenge will know how much time it takes up. Plus, I often feel that I should mention my Youtube channel on my blog a bit more. There are some things that I will always have the urge to put into words, and of course there are always photos that I will want to share on my blog. But Youtube is where the majority of my day-to-day life ‘content’ is now, and I often forget to link the two platforms.

As it’s the beginning of December, there are just two videos so far – but if you are interested in following along with our daily life throughout the festive season, you can subscribe over on Youtube.


Snapshots and Scenes is a monthly project focusing on telling a story through words, images, and video. It can be a summary of the month just past, a celebration of a special occasion or milestone, or highlighting the little moments.
I’m approaching Snapshots and Scenes as a way to honour the little stories of life that make our family what it is.


Snapshots and Scenes is open to everyone! We’d love to hear your stories and your adventures, big and small. Just link up your blog posts or youtube videos below to join in:


  1. Oh what beautiful videos and that photo of them all matching is magazine perfection what a capture. I love it all. Makes me feel already ready for Xmas too. Thank you so much for joining in Snapshots & Scenes, vlogmas is amazing I did it last year just so sick with pregnancy this year thought I would miss it out this time just with a few videos in between instead. Have a lovely holiday ahead. #snapshotsscenes

  2. Gorgeous videos and the moment daddy came back early when he’d only just said he wasn’t back until the next day. I’d love to join in vlogmas but with woking full time I just couldn’t fit it in. x

  3. I think it’s a very wise idea to avoid the stress of trying to upload a video every single day just for the sake of it, and I love your idea of focusing on day in the life videos you really want to publish 🙂 Off to watch your vlog on YouTube xxx

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