One of the questions I get asked the most is where I buy the boys colourful childrens clothing.

I’ve always leaned towards bright clothing styles since Arlo was a baby. And now, well, cars and blue gets very boring three boys in.

I know it’s only a matter of years before they will want to look ‘cool’ and shop at Topman, and in the meantime, I like to have as much fun as possible with their clothes. Luckily for me, my taste in bright colourful clothing has well and truly rubbed off on the children.

Arlo is very vocal about choosing his own clothes these days, and for him, the brighter the better. Rory tends to want whatever Arlo is wearing, hence I’ve got myself in the tricky situation where if I buy anything new for Arlo, I need to buy something for Rory too – even though he has PLENTY of hand me down options. And the baby gets new things every now and then because I’m frankly sick of getting the same hand-me-down clothes out for the third time. I think really I just have a clothes-buying addiction.

I tag most of what they are wearing on my Instagram posts, you can find clothing ‘haul’ videos on my Youtube Channel, and occasionally like to feature some of our favourite clothing brands here on the blog too.

I’ve written about Me&i before, and just recently I chose an item each for the boys from the current Autumn / Winter collection.

img_0874-edit-copy colourful childrens clothes

Me&i are all about the bold patterns and fun colours. One of my favourite things about Me&i clothing is the quality of the fabric. It is immediately noticeable just how soft it is compared to some of the boys other clothes, even some of the other 100% organic cotton ones.

Over the years, high quality clothes have become really important to us, as I strive to pass as much down to the younger boys as possible. Some brands we’ve bought, especially the supermarket brands, don’t even make it past one child, let alone three. Me&i clothing washes and wears very well.

Me&i are quite unique in the way that their clothes are sold through work-from-home consultants, allowing parents a flexible work option that fits in around their families. You can learn more about becoming a Me&i consultant here.

colourful childrens clothing

I deliberately sized up with O’s jumpsuit – he’s wearing 12-18months with the feet and sleeves rolled up at 5 months old here. We like to extend the wear of the childrens’ clothes where we can. Nothing worse than buying them something that will only fit for a few months. 

These photos really make me smile.

I took these the morning that Sam got back from his latest work trip. Those mornings are always hyper as the boys are so excited to have him back. They were being mischievous and cheeky and didn’t really want to pose for photos. They were moving around the bed so much that I was struggling to get a shot that wasn’t blurred.

Rory decided it was WAY more fun to show me his belly rather than the top I was trying to photograph, and then that drew Arlo into the troublemaking too.

colourful childrens clothes

I quickly admitted defeat and just let them go with it, capturing them as they are whenever I could sense a millisecond of stillness coming up.

me&i childrens clothes colourful childrens clothing

In the end, I think we did actually get the perfect shots. Huge smiles and a glint of mischief. They perfectly reflect our entire ethos for the clothes we love – full of fun, colour, and letting kids to be kids.

It’s all about colourful, children’s clothing.



I’m so excited to have been able to choose a pair of Me&i jeans for myself too. I have tried on the classic straight jeans before, and they are figure hugging and extremely well-fitting, which is something I usually struggle to find in jeans. There won’t be a photo of me in these just yet as I am losing a fair bit of weight at the moment and intentionally bought my Me&i jeans in a smaller size – they are my #goals jeans.

Arlo wears the Many Pterosaurs T-Shirt
Rory wears the Monster Trucks T-Shirt
Baby O wears the Drops Jumpsuit.
Cactus Trousers from Ever Sew Beautiful.

Our clothes were provided by Me&i for the purpose of this feature. 

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