Now that we have a newly finished dining room (finally!), we are eager to add a few personal touches to the decoration. And what better opportunity to start than Christmas? A tree and decorations will add plenty of colour to the room and provide the perfect stopgap while we find time to sort out some more permanent wall art. So, it’s a bit early, but I think I’ve convinced Sam that we might as well get our tree tomorrow.

At my mum’s, the tree would go up on the 15th (the day before my sister’s birthday). This tradition has been going ever since my sister was born – events involved a broken china angel, superglue, a mischievous puppy who gnawed aformentioned superglue and managed to bind his paw to a towel. One emergency trip to the vets and one stressed out mum led to the onset of labour three weeks before her due date. My sister arrived the day after we put up the tree.

The dog was fine, by the way.

The whole family would have creative input on decorating the tree. Meaning colour codes and neatness were out the window. It was always a complete hodgepodge but ended up with a real personal feel to it. The evenings spent decorating the tree together are something I will always remember. I want to carry on this tradition and make sure my children are firmly involved in choosing and styling the tree.

Christmas in our house is still very much in its infancy. Last year, when Arlo was two months old, was actually the first Christmas Sam and I had spent together. To be honest, we’re both still getting used to NOT getting completely bladdered on Christmas eve, rising at 11am and spending the early part of Christmas Day ever so slightly hungover.

So, we don’t yet have any traditions of our own, but I am really looking forward to settling into a Christmas routine and seeing which traditions emerge naturally once Arlo is old enough to understand it all.



  1. I love it! We are trying to set some of our own traditions to 🙂 Kids got involved in the tree this year – well oldest did!

    Xmas eve children get new pj’s to go to bed! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Thinking about it, I guess that is our first tradition as a family. Arlo’s bauble will go on the tree every year (and hopefully we will be adding a few more baubles in the years to come!).

  2. Aww, I love those Christmas hat pictures. I’ve got a hat lined up ready to take plenty of my own. And that bauble with his foot print on is adorable.
    I think it’s exciting the way that Christmas traditions can kind of grow on their own over time. And I’m looking forward seeing which ones pop up in our family over the years. x

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