I know I’ve said it before, but Choo Choos really are BIG news in this household.

I hear this word over 100 times a day. It’s just like when he used to say ‘Ball!’ all the time. From first thing when he wakes  until the moment he goes to bed, he’s either talking about Choo Choos or playing with them.

He giggles at YouTube videos of toy train sets. His eyes light up when he sees a ‘Choo Choo’ on TV. He is absolutely besotted with his three little Thomas trains, carting them around the house wherever he goes.

I wonder whether I was similarly obsessed with a certain object or item at his age? I’m not sure it’s the sort of thing I’d remember in twenty years unless I’d made a note of it. The ball phase has already paled into insignificance in my memory and that was only half a year ago.


He’s just started to get interested in pushing his trains around the track that they were meant for, but mainly he likes to push them around imaginary tracks and platforms.

Only Arlo can explain why he likes trains so much, but I am thoroughly enjoying watching him in his own little world of play. I love that he’s so ‘in’ to something. It happened of his own accord and is one of many indicators of his growing personality.


  1. These pictures are adorable. Trains are big for my 21 month old right now! We tend to watch Elmo on Youtube, but watching train videos is a great idea.

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