I take a lot of photos of my children.

I pick up a camera almost every day. Tucked away on my hard drive are a lot photos. Precious moments between my children that make me proud and happy when I look at them.

And yet, they don’t always make it to my blog or even to instagram, because I’m waiting for the perfect moment to use them, some kind of insightful story or text to go alongside the images, because the photos deserve that. Then, life gets busy, I move on to other blog posts, and those images are often left by the wayside.

There is no great story behind these photos (unless you want to hear about the crying baby in the sling and the myriad of tourists that we had to weave our way around to get uninterrupted shots). But look at their big grins! Look at their happy faces! I love these boys and their brotherly affection so much, and I love even more that they indulged me with my not-very-exciting trip to a field, just because they knew I wanted to get some nice photos of them.

(I’m starting to think Sam must be bribing them with money for every photo they permit to).

So here, just because, are some photos of my two eldest boys. I really REALLY love these photos.

lavenderfield lavenderfield1 P1000376-Edit-copy P1000360-Edit-copy P1000347-Edit-copy P1000261-Edit-copy P1000222-Edit-copy P1000234-Edit-copy P1000198-Edit-copy P1000247-Edit-copy P1000266-Edit-copy P1000274-Edit-copy P1000286-Edit-copy P1000262-Edit-copy

The actual reason for our trip to the lavender field was to test out a lens I’d rented. I didn’t really have any plans for the photos I was going to take, just to confirm whether this lens was one I needed in my collection. Somehow, I ended up with a whole portrait shoot’s worth of lovely photos that really show off their personalities at this moment in time. The images are way more than I could have hoped for. I lucked out massively with our half an hour window, and I just feel so proud of my boys and their relationship when I look at these memories of our trip to the lavender.

I will treasure these photos.

P1000249-Edit-copy P1000254-Edit-copy P1000284-Edit-copy P1000283-Edit-Edit-copyP1000223-Edit-copy


These photos were all taken on the Panasonic Lumix GX80 (my new toy), 42.5mm 1.7 lens. Look out for the full camera review coming soon.


  1. Hello! I liked your photo of the boys in the lavender field on Instagram and then found it again via the UK parent bloggers post! They are gorgeous photos and you don’t need a reason to share these.

  2. Was this Mayfield Lavender? I love it there. Beautiful place. Your boys are gorgeous and you can tell how much they love each other. I hope you’re buying that lens! x

    1. Yes this is indeed Mayfield Lavender. We are luckily only about half an hour away. I don’t think I can justify the lens right now, but I’d definitely like to have it for portraits…maybe I’ll put it on the Christmas list!

  3. Gorgeous photos, would love to take Peachicks to a Lavender field for photos but there’d be way too much sneezing! Love my Lumix, its 10 yrs old at least and comes everywhere with me!

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