This started off as a longer post about how Sam and I don’t buy each other presents and how this year was no exception as any extra budget has been redirected to fixing our roof (The bathroom has been leaking for ages, and two days before Christmas we arrived home to find the loft leaking in several places, water dripping straight through to Arlo’s room and puddling on the floor).

It was a post about how looking at Twitter and Instagram on Christmas Day made me a little jealous that I didn’t have an extravagant present from Sam to talk about, and sad that, yet again, I had not had my own money to purchase Sam a gift. It wasn’t even about what we did or didn’t receive, Sam and I were both very happy and excited just to watch Arlo experiencing Christmas this year. But it was a reminder of the frustration of not being able to buy something we really like with our own money. For once, it would be lovely to be able to make a nice financial decision.

But that post was moany, boring and ungrateful. And I’m sure times won’t always be like this. After editing my photos from Christmas I decided to change the emphasis of this post.

Good times:

Sam having all that time off before Christmas – I’ve almost forgotten what days are like when it’s just me and Arlo.
Watching Arlo dole out huge cuddles alongside his cheery greeting of “Happy Christmas!”
Feeling like a proper grown up tip-toeing into my child’s room on Christmas eve with you-know-what for the first time.
Sam and I being hugely excited to watch Arlo experience Christmas with a lot more understanding of the event than he had last year.
Arlo thanking ‘Farmer Christmas’ for his stocking.
All the amazing things we have received as a result of this blog and have treated as early Christmas presents – Arlo’s Toyologist reviews and mini micro scooter, Sam’s new suit and ‘man-over’ courtesy of M&S. And all the thoughtful gifts we received from family.
Maximising our time with family. Pre-Christmas we had two lovely days in Cheltenham with Sam’s side (although his grandad who was the main reason for our visit was in hospital for our stay, which was not so good). We had a full day with my mum this time which was an improvement on last year when she was in a&e for the majority of our day with my side of the family.
The wonders of modern technology and a talking toddler. Arlo was able to have a Skype conversation with my dad (who he hasn’t met yet).
Arlo’s innocence at being happy with the thought that his stocking contained just one gift. We had to call him back several times to tell him to look inside again.
An impromptu lunch date for Sam and I on Christmas Eve, our last date was 7 months ago so that was a really nice few hours and definitely felt like a bit of a treat.
Baby 2 literally kicking me out of my self-indulgent thoughts as I started to feel those first proper movements.
A few months ago all I wanted was to be pregnant. I couldn’t imagine wanting anything else ever again. I’m kind of ashamed to admit that a couple of photos on Instagram almost made me forget that and start questioning my idea of extravagance against other people’s. But it’s important to re-remember the good things in life, and I know I went through a similar thought process last year too, so I’ve written this so I can remind myself whenever I feel like I’m being a dick about Christmas.
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Baby two at 19 weeks:
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  1. I looks like you had a fab Xmas and to be honest I personally think buying each other presents is a bit silly anyway. Even for kids at this age it is as they are still too young to really know and I think it should be about other things other than spending anyway. I always get in a bit of a grump over Xmas, it makes me feel uneasy that there are people having such a shit time while others are gorging themselves to the point of puking but I do enjoy it and will always make it special for Iyla as that’s what it’s all about. Matt got me a new car but in reality it was only a few hundred quid, he used to be a mechanic so he can do the work needed to it. I didn’t get him anything as he earns more than me, I am supposed to be getting him something when I get paid at the end of the month but it would take up most of my money so I might try and get out of it! Xx

  2. I think that blogging and instagram are a bit of a catch 22 situation at Christmas time, its all very lovely to see picture perfect families with loads of presents but the reality is that an hour earlier they were probably arguing as is always the way with family dramas over Christmas! I kept away from social media over christmas and spent time with my family instead (and yes we had the odd disagreement over the festive period!)
    I am fortunate that I got a few thoughtful little bits of my husband- nothing fancy as we set a small limit for each other this year as we can’t afford to indulge like we used too. We also only wrapped up 2 pressies for our little girl and a few little stocking filler bits, but as her birthday is on Christmas Eve she did get thoroughly spoilt by friends and family which we knew would happen.
    I found it all a bit overwhelming and it is fantastic that everyone was so good to us and that they bought her so many things as it means she will have some toys throughout the year, but I can’t help but think she would have been happy with just one gift. Christmas isn’t about that for me anyway, its about being with family and sharing moments- and I can’t help but get emotional about the fact that others may not be as fortunate as us.
    It looks from the photos that you had a lovely Christmas, and thats the most important thing- not the presents or the grandeur of it all.

    Sorry for the essay! x

    1. Very true. The best part was all the time we got to spend together as a family – realising that even more now that Sam is back at work. It was a lovely time.

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