Baby Led Weaning?

Yeah, it’s really great. Your baby eats the same things as you. It’s a relaxed way of learning about food and different tastes. You share meal times together and it’s a really nice bonding experience.

Except my baby isn’t interested in eating.

Because all he ever wants to do is try to grab the shiny metal things in my hands.

Please, for the love of food, will someone invent a realistic set of cutlery for babies before this goes too far and I’m eating spaghetti with my hands.



  1. Boots sell a nice cutlery set with plastic handles but shiny metal ends which are like-mum’s enough to keep bubba occupied but not too sharp for tiny faces/eyes/hands/where ever else they stab and poke.

  2. Oh no! I’m having the same problem a bit, but with the sippy cup. He just wants that all the time. Not to drink out of though – to bash into his food. He goes nuts doing it! He loves it! It’s driving me crazy.

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