what to pack when you are away from your breastfeeding baby overnight

I work from home, and neither of my babies would take a bottle very successfully, so I find myself with little reason to express. So when I DO need to (and there are always a few occasions), it always takes me a while to get my head around what I will need to pack and I know that it’s super easy to forget something vital.

Last month, Sam and I went away overnight, whilst Rory was still feeding on-demand throughout the night. You can read more about that trip here. I made a video about the things I planned to pack, and also about my worries and apprehension in leaving Rory for the first time, and whilst he was so milk dependent:

And here is a list of important items to remember, for anyone as forgetful as me!

Going away from your breastfeed child overnight – things to pack:

A hand pump – small enough to stick in a handbag and discreet enough to use in a public toilet if you have no other option.

A decent amount of breast pads.

(I’d take an electric pump too if I had room and dependant on where we were going, as I find it does a much better/quicker job)

If you are planning on keeping your expressed milk: Pumping container bottles and a coolbag

Put a towel on the bed underneath you when you go to sleep.

Make sure you have a photo of your child on your phone to look at to help encourage milk flow (sometimes it can be tricky without the actual child there!)

Paracetemol – in case you experience pain from engorgement




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  1. I think my top tip would be to get comfy before you start – because you never know how long you’re going to have to be sat in that position!!

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