We are collecting all the illnesses at the moment. This past week, Arlo and I have both had a sick bug and colds, which has meant even more time inside the house. I feel like we have been quarantined ever since he turned one.

During my recovery and before Arlo got sick, I dragged myself off the sofa in an effort to get some fresh air and give the Cbeebies babysitter some time off.

I only managed a ten minute walk and a feeble push on the swings. But what we found when we emerged into the great outdoors of Croydon was a lovely bright day, and Autumn in full swing. The local playground is a bit run down and not very aesthetically pleasing. However, the two huge trees that hang over the play area had just shed their leaves, so the tarmac was covered in a beautiful soft layer of orange and red leafy carpet.

I vowed to come back with my camera within the next few days when I was feeling stronger. But by this point, the leaves had been swept to the edges and the sky was not so bright. Nevertheless, Arlo had a wonderful time charging through the piles of leaves (although he did manage to disturb a poor dying Bumble bee in the process of his charging), and I still got some nice autumnal shots.


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