I’ll admit that I have been quite apprehensive about the whole weaning thing. We have yet to get to the bottom of Arlo’s food allergies and I am concerned that weaning could hinder the narrowing down process (was it something he ingested through my breast milk, was it something he ate himself? Etc). Although I suspect Arlo was ready to try food more than a couple of weeks ago, I waited diligently for him to turn six months, mainly because of my worry of causing him more harm with his allergies. And I still want to steer clear of the common allergens for another couple of months at least. What with weaning also marking the beginning of the slow passage of time in which he will become no longer dependent on me and my milk, I can’t say that I was breaking down doors with eagerness to meet this approaching milestone.

Yesterday morning was a bit of an ‘event’.  We’d planned to wait until the weekend so that Sam could also be here to witness Arlo’s first reactions to tasting food. We all got out of bed early to go downstairs and prepare his carrots and broccoli. Arlo was oblivious, but we were both quite excited for him by this point.

I was surprised at the ease in which he took to it. He didn’t seem at all phased and looked like he knew exactly what he was doing. Some of his expressions upon tasting the broccoli were priceless though! I was preparing for him to spit everything out and not eat a thing. Although, after clearing him up I realised he may not have eaten quite as much as I first thought. It was great to watch him explore food for the first time and I can now say that I am looking forward to giving him new foods to try.

I also took a video of his first few tastes. Please ignore the bit at the beginning where Sam interrupts the recording to question my tea making skills. Tea is very important to the boy.


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