Welcome to Sorry About The Mess, which is the reincarnation of Chloe Witters.

Although there’s a new name and new website,  you can expect just the same old witterings as before. The new blog is not because I wanted to have a complete rebrand, or get away from my old blog, but mainly because I wanted to be able to display larger images and have total control over customisation. I have been planning this move for ages, it was just a matter of waiting for enough spare time and the right theme to come along.

Whilst I was at it, I thought I’d change the blog name too. When I set up Chloe Witters, I knew I wanted a name that could grow with all life changes and any additions to our family,  (So ‘Mum to Arlo’, etc was off the cards). And I didn’t particularly want a blog name that would identify my blog as purely a  ‘mummy’ or ‘baby’ blog, so those words were immediately vetoed. What I didn’t count on was that I’d never quite be happy with a blog title that contained my name – it was the best choice at the time, but has never been a title that I’ve really loved. Not only is “Sorry about the mess” invariably the first thing I say to anyone who steps through our front door, it’s also a pretty apt way of describing our family life over the past few years. The name feels more ‘us’ and less ‘just me’.

Of course, these changes mean a new domain, new RSS feed, etc. Chloe Witters will no longer be operating, so if you would like to follow the new blog, here are the relevent links to do so:

RSS feed


I’ve decided not to set up email subscriptions (WP.com used to sort all that out for me, now I’m self-hosted it all seems a bit of a faff and I’m reluctant to pay for a service), but if you really like receiving my posts via your inbox, I suggest following with Bloglovin, as you can set your account to send email updates.

For any of you wonderful people who have linked to me via your reading lists or blogroll, I would love it if you could update the link to the new site here at Sorry About The Mess. If you prefer to display badges rather than text links, I’ve made one of those too (You can grab the code from the right-hand sidebar):

Click Here


There are still a few site niggles that I’m in the process of sorting out, so if you are looking back through the archives, you may see some duplicate posts or find posts containing just the images from the photo slider (they were previously hidden but have now reappeared, which is fun).

Now that the site is 90% done, I’m looking forward to having more time to focus on actually writing blog posts once again!




    1. I already had web hosting for my work website so just bought a new domain and set up wordpress software with my host, then transfered everything over from my WP.com blog. Ended up being a bit of a process because my web host didn’t like the WordPress importer plugin!

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