Things have been quieter on the blog over the last few weeks because….

Someone decided to show up a whole three weeks earlier than expected.


At 37 weeks, I was diagnosed with obstetric cholestatis, admitted to hospital with immediate effect, with an induction planned for the next day.

I hadn’t had time to pack a hospital bag, let alone explain or say goodbye to Arlo and Rory. It felt extremely sudden and the next four days spent in hospital NOT successfully going into labour were a little bit emotional.

He came hurtling (literally) into the world on the fifth day. Full and no doubt ranty birth story to follow at some point.


His due date is next week, but he’s already been with us for two weeks.

His big brothers adore him and we are all happily enjoying the newborn bubble.



  1. Golly! Dealing with a new baby is tough enough, without the shock of one turning up much earlier than expected. I hope you’ve recovered well. X

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