As I’ve blogged about before, I am plodding along with the process of organising our family images to print into photobooks.

The plan is to have a baby book of sorts for Arlo’s first year and then have a family album for each calendar year (I changed my mind about separating out each book for individual children, there’s no way I have that much time on my hands, plus there’d be too much overlap with the same photos going into each book).

I’m still not any closer to having one book ready to print, preferring to work at random on images from different years, but 2013 is looking pretty organised so far – mostly because of the fact there are less images due to not doing a 365 project like in 2012, and because I’m making an effort to stay on top of the scrapbooking as each month ends.

digital scrapbook 12x12 layoutJan-silly-faces-Webdigital scrapbook 12x12 layoutI’m finding that my layout and captioning style for 2013 is a lot more simple than layouts I’ve previously done for 2010-12. I think simple is the way forward in terms of creating an album that is least likely to look ‘dated’ 10 years down the line from now.

Feb-start-WebFeb-start2-WebFeb-serene-bed-pics-WebI know that having less images on one page looks cleaner and allows more focus on individual images, but I’m having a real problem narrowing down my final image selection (surely the point of the photobook is to preserve all the images I like!) Plus, when it comes to printing, more pages = more money, so I’m trying to cram as many photos on to one page where I can.

And here are some layouts I’ve recently done for the 2012 family album:

Feb2012-1 Feb2012snowdigital scrapbook 12x12 layoutychristmas2012My aim is to actually have something ready to print by the end of this year.



  1. They will be beautiful photo books when you get round to printing them Chloe. Such a lovely record of your lives.
    I still have the little man’s first and second year books to do, as well as making the same for the little miss. And I’m hoping to print a 366 book from last year too. I’d best crack on really or I’ll be doing a 365 one too. X

    1. Hehe. Funnily enough my 366 one is the only book that is pretty much ready to go. I guess I found that easier to do as it follows a chronological order by nature.

  2. Hi Chloe, where do you plan on getting your books printed? I’ve had a couple done by photobox and I buy credit for them when they have their super sales. I’d never be able to afford it otherwise. I love your photos, they’re ace and I love the idea of preserving memories in books like that.

    1. Not sure yet Heather. It’ll have to be somewhere that offers square format (preferably 12x12inches) and allows you to upload your own pages rather than use their layouts. Then it will be a matter if waiting until they run a good deal on photobooks! I use Photobox quite a bit and I’ve always been really happy with their print quality.

    1. The camera helps, but a lot of the brightness and sharpness comes afterwards when I edit them in Photoshop – having an editing program of some sorts definitely helps, you don’t have to use Photoshop I think there are a few good free ones out there too.

  3. These are beautiful photos and layouts. I’ve just bought credits from photo box to do a 100 page a4 album at 75% off. Only have a month to make it but fine by me so long as baby doesn’t come early! I’m using it to do our honeymoon album from 2011. I want to be more organised with baby photos!

  4. These photos look great and I love the layout. I’ve just started doing ‘yearbooks’ and I’ve done our 2012 one using the super discount from Photobox. Otherwise all those lovely photos never get seen and I want Lucas to have something to look back on when he’s older. I love the ones of Arlo, 28 months, very cute!

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