Jan 6th 6/366

Life is tough when your mum cuts you a crap fringe.

I love the colour of his eyes in this photo. I didn’t do anything in post, just had the help of a sunny window behind me.

Also, check out that ‘brow in its full glory.

Jan 7th 7/366

Today we made a start on one of our goals for this Spring: to get the garden to a safe enough state in which Arlo can play. We have filled in the old path running down the middle of the lawn (our garden used to be the public entryway to a factory that existed beyond that huge brick wall at the back) and smothered our garden of prickly weeds with woodchip and compost in the hope that we can plant grass seeds and drown out the sea of weeds.

Can you tell we have no idea about gardening??

Jan 8th 8/366

Synchronised yawning.

The night before was spent at Sam’s parents for his mum’s birthday. A late night for Arlo and an even later night for me and Sam. It was a lazy midwinter sofa afternoon. I love these afternoons.

Jan 9th 9/366

He had a high temperature. He looks really quiet in this photo, so not such an accurate representation of poorly Arlo. Major case of the whinges today. Lots of throwing himself at me in despair. He gets his drama queen tendencies from me.

Jan 10th 10/366

‘I want to play but I feel too poorly’

Another day of misery and fevers.

Not the most cheerful of photo sets. But I want to document our lives as they are, natural and unposed.

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