Hey, what if your child was the next William Shakespeare or the next Picasso?


What if they had the talents to be the next big thing in the world of fiction, art, photography, or some other creative endeavour? 


You might never know if you didn’t make attempts to bring out their creative side. 


And even if they didn’t have the talent or the inclination to become rich and famous, your children might still have the opportunity to find greater fulfilment in life through their chosen pursuit if you could nurture their creativity.


So, here are a few suggestions that might be useful for you and your children.


#1: Surround them with creativity


Stack your bookshelves with modern and classic works of literature. Surround your children with walls that are covered in art prints, photographs, and architectural wall decor. Turn off the television once in a while and play music from modern and early maestros alike. And let your children see your creative side by involving them in your creative hobbies. By taking steps such as these, they might start to develop a creative interest. And then, assuming you have provided them with the tools needed to start getting creative, they might begin a hobby that could become a lifelong passion.


#2: Support their creativity


When your children paint you a picture, don’t put it away in a drawer, never to be seen again. Display their artwork instead, giving it pride of place in your home. When your children want to perform a play they have written, don’t cast one eye on them and another on your phone. Give your children your full attention, as they will feel more confident if you do. And when your children want to join a creative group after school, don’t refuse them because it will inconvenience you. Make arrangements to make it possible, as your children might never develop in their pursuits if you don’t. In short, be supportive, and encourage rather than sway your children away from their blossoming passions.


#3: Let your children be bored


Enforce rules around computer and television use. Don’t always instigate activities for your children to do. When your children are allowed to be bored, they will be more reliant on their imagination for what to do, and this might lead them into creativity. So, they might start to read a book or pen a story for themselves. They might start to draw or paint a picture. And they might use the scrap resources they have available to them, and make a rocket ship, a pirate boat, or a living, breathing, cityscape. So, don’t fall victim to your children’s cries of boredom. As long as they have the resources needed to be creative, they might soon involve themselves in some wild pursuit of imagination. 


#4: Take them to creative places


Take your children to any local art galleries. Introduce them to musical theatre, and other types of stage performances. Spend time in book shops and libraries. And enrol your family onto creative classes. By taking your children to places where their creative sides can flourish, they will be less inclined to stifle their creative sides with TV, Facebook, and any other pursuit that can form a barrier to their hobbies. Today then, go a Google search of your area, and try to match your children’s interests with nearby locations. 


So, encourage, support, and motivate your children. Be they storytellers, musicians, artists, or budding inventors, be there for them, and do whatever you can to bring out their creative potential. You never know what hidden talents you might then uncover!


Take care, and thanks for reading. 


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