vileda 100 degree hot spray mop

vileda 100 degree hot spray mop

Let’s talk about mops.

Not the most gripping of topics. But we all need one. And we all have our opinions on what a good mop is or isn’t.

In this house, we’ve always used a standard mop and bucket setup.

It may be the simple, cheap and effective option, but it has its drawbacks. It’s quite a big thing to store. It takes quite a while to fill up, including waiting for the bath water to run hot enough. Bending and dragging a bucket around after you whilst you mop is a cumbersome task. Not to mention making sure Rory doesn’t attempt to go for a swim in the bucket.

Vileda didn’t have to spell out the potential benefits of a different type of mop to me when they asked if we’d like to try out their 100 degree Hot Spray mop.

Preparation to use the mop is seriously simple and quick. You pour water into the tank, plug the mop in for 90 seconds, the green light will flash and it’s hot and ready to go.

Is it revolutionary?

No. It’s less hassle than the mop and bucket, it cleans my floors equally as well, but it doesn’t go one better on the cleanliness front.

What do I like best about it?

It’s cordless and light, and it’s ready to use very quickly.

I think this mop works well in specific situations depending on your motivation and your house setup. For example, our front door opens straight onto our dining room. There is no porch or hallway. We walk shoes and buggies across that floor every day. And so it inevitably gets dirty all the time. Realistically, I am not going to get the mop and bucket out twice a day. But the Vileda mop is ready to go and enables me to clean the floor in minutes.

Is there anything I don’t like about it?

For the price, and in comparison to a mop and bucket, I think this product performs pretty well. But a bit more versatility would perhaps have wowed me more. At the end of the day, it’s just a mop. And not a multitasking piece of wizardry that I can also use to clean muck of grout, windows, or my bathroom tiles.

I have seen the words “steam cleaner” associated with this mop. There is no steam involved. It’s hot water on a microfibre cloth, so much closer to a traditional mop setup than a steam cleaner. If you are after a steam cleaner, this mop is probably not what you are looking for.

Do I prefer the Vileda 100 degree hot spray mop to my old mop?

I’m going to say yes. It cuts out all that faff I just mentioned. It’s proved itself useful, we haven’t used our old mop since we got the Vileda mop, and we will continue to use it.

Is it worth the money?

I think it depends on whether you think this mop would work well for your individual requirements, as I mentioned above. If the answer to that is yes. Then I actually think this mop is very reasonably priced. It has an RRP of £59.99, but at the time of writing I have seen it online for as low as £40.00

vileda 100 degree hot spray mop


We were sent the Vileda 100 degree Hot Spray mop for the purpose of this review. 


  1. I have got a vax steam cleaner but liked the idea of cordless review did help but totally unsure whether to invest in one

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