This is a sponsored post, and has no relevance whatsoever to my squishy new baby – Sorry guys!

A little while ago, whilst staring at the bulging shelves that hold Sam and my combined DVD collection (we both amassed an impressive amount of DVDs at uni), it suddenly occurred to me that DVDs are most definitely on the way out.

I haven’t bought a DVD in ages. I can’t remember the last time I plucked a DVD off the shelf to watch. Everything is online now via services like Netflix. And if you’re not using Netflix, you’re watching Blue Rays. In a couple of years (or less!), DVDs will have gone the way of VHS.

So I went through our collection and decided to sell the majority whilst they were still worth a small something. I sent a big box off to Music Magpie, (which was simple enough as they all go to one address rather than selling via Ebay or Amazon and spending years at the post office and a small fortune on packaging to send individual items) and received a cheque for around £60. We now have more space on our shelves, and any film we decide we really miss can be purchased via one of the online services.

Music Magpie is not just for DVDs either. I could get cash for my Nintendo DS, but I’m not quite ready to give up Tetris, Harvest Moon, or Mario Kart – despite never having time to play it any more.

You’re unlikely to earn mega bucks selling your DVDs unless you have a ridiculous collection, but it’s a nice bit of pocket money if you’re looking to declutter and rarely use DVDs anymore.

Of course, there are a few DVDs that I will probably never part with, regardless of how much they are worth – that includes basically anything made in the 80s.

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