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Feeding – One thing we’ve bought…

Supportive cushions:

I prefer to use standard pillows, cushions and blankets to prop a newborn up for breastfeeding (I have a freecycled Widgey feeding pillow but never really got on with it, it’s too full and rounded, Arlo used to just slide down the curve), but a good cushion to go behind my back is a must this time round. Looking back, I really don’t know why I didn’t buy one when Arlo was a newborn, I think I was just so averse to spending any money at all. But I think it’s essential for getting into a good feeding position on our sofa, and also if I’m sitting up in bed to feed the baby. I plan to buy this v-shaped cushion from John Lewis, it’s a bit pricier than others I’ve seen, but we have one for my grandma at my mum’s house so I know it’s really supportive.

and three things we’re not buying…

Bottles, steriliser, and milk pump:

We’re not buying any of this stuff. I bought it all for Arlo and he didn’t take to bottles. I’d waste a precious baby-free hour each evening expressing ‘ just in case’ when there was no point at all. I thought it would be nice for Sam to be able to take over a night feed or an early morning feed, but that never happened. And even if Arlo had accepted bottles, it still would have been easier for me to feed him myself rather than attempt to rouse Sam from his sleep (it’s not always easy!) only to lie there half awake, waiting to be called to the rescue after a failed attempt to get Arlo back to sleep. This time, I’m far more relaxed about feeding being my role alone. I have no plans to leave the baby for the first six months, so I really don’t think any of these items will be necessary. I do have a Medela Swing pump that I used with Arlo, but after reading into closed valve VS open valve pump systems, I have been completely put off using this same pump for a new baby. If I find myself with a need to express milk, I will most likely be buying a WHO-complient closed valve system – I just wish I’d known this first time round.

Transport – Two things we’ve bought…

Baby carriers:

It took me until Arlo was five months old to buy an Ergo. I thought I couldn’t justify the cost, but as soon as it arrived I was kicking myself that I hadn’t purchased it sooner. However, I’ve now found a SSC (soft structured carrier) that I like better than the Ergo, so we are selling ours and getting a Boba 3G. The main reasons I prefer the Boba are that you can use it from newborn without needing a separate insert, like the Ergo. And because it offers far better knee to knee and back support for a toddler. Basically, I found the Ergo was only really good from around 5 months until 14 months, whereas I’m hoping that the Boba will be a decent newborn carrier as well as lasting us well into the toddler years.


Sam has decided on the Tweet print for our Boba

For around the house and for the very early days with baby 2 (when there’s nothing snugglier than a wrap sling), I have a lovely Oyster Baby wrap that I won on a competition hosted by Clemmie at Gas and Air. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t get on greatly with my Moby wrap due to feeling stifled in all the fabric. Well, the Oyster Baby fabric is so light and breathable, I can barely feel it’s there – perfect for a summer baby.

And because the fabric takes up less space despite being the same length as a Moby, it’s really easy to pack back into the bag, which is another thing I always struggled with where the Moby wrap was concerned. So between the Oyster Baby and the Boba, that’s all my babywearing needs sorted.

Oyster Baby wrap cherry blossom

This is my favourite design from the current range – the cherry blossom

Buggy Board:

I figure we’ll need one sooner or later, so might as well buy one now. Just hoping Arlo has overcome his buggy board fear! We’re planning to buy the Lascal board and a second connector set so we can use it with both of our buggies.

And one thing we’re not buying…

A double buggy:


This isn’t really because I think we won’t need one, but more because I haven’t found the perfect one for an amount I’m happy to spend. We haven’t ruled out getting a double if it proves difficult to function without one, I’m just finding it hard to know our specific needs until the baby is here.


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  1. Great choice on the boba, I’m glad you didn’t chose the beco. I tried them both at a sling library & I found the beco far too small and didn’t think it’d last at all. We have a Manduca which is fab and I tried a connecta which is my choice for a toddler carrier, if we go down that route later this year.
    I remember you saying you’re planning on co sleeping this time around. You’ll find that as soon as bubs is able to self-latch you won’t even sit up in bed to feed 🙂 it’s fab!
    PS I’ve been wanting to tweet you so many times but my profile’s protected (@pavlinawatts)

    1. Yes I am hoping the Boba will be a good all-rounder, had heard similar things about the Beco not lasting beyond the baby years.

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