1. Decide where your print will hang before ordering:

Knowing where you want  your print to go makes it easier to know which size canvas you require. Also, if you are like me, it prevents you having tons of prints waiting to hang because you haven’t yet worked out how they are going to be placed on your walls. Our canvas was put up straight away when it arrived because (for once!) I had preplanned where I wanted to place it.

A wrapped canvas is a real statement piece. I find they look best when placed on their own wall, or with other canvases of the same size. The depth of the frame means the canvas really stands out, so can steal the limelight from other framed photos if they are sharing the same wall space.

I chose the wider 4.5 frame size, it really pops off the wall!

2. Ask the printing company how they will optimize your image for print, will they sharpen your image for a crisp finish? 

As a photographer, I am very used to supplying images that are optimized for printing. I applied my own sharpening and colour profile for this image, but Photo-Canvas would have done this for me as standard had I not chosen to do it myself. They provided very helpful and knowledgable replies to my post-processing questions, and I felt comfortable that they would make sure my finished print looked as perfect as possible.

3. Chose an image that wraps well

A canvas wrap means that the edges of your image will wrap around the frame to provide a seamless 3D effect. This is what gives the canvas a truly stand-out aesthetic. Photo-Canvas have three different options for wrapping your image.

If you have an image with plenty of empty/background space around the edges of the frame, you can choose the ‘gallery wrap’ option, which will take the parts of the image near the edge of the shot and wrap it around the canvas. This will create a slightly closer crop, so if you do not have a lot of background space around the edges of your image, you may find that part of the main subject of your shot is wrapping around the frame.

In this case, you would want to use the ‘mirror wrap’ which repeats the edges so you don’t lose any of your image from the front of the canvas.

However, if neither of these options work with your favourite image, or you want a unique look for your canvas, Photo-Canvas have a third option – ‘the colour wrap’. You can choose from a large selection of shades to create a block colour wrap. You could go for a neutral colour to compliment your image, or pick a bold colour to make your canvas really ‘pop’ off the wall.

He still has the exact same tuft of hair at the back as he does in the photo, taken when he was 13 months old.

We are so happy with our Photo-Canvas print. It arrived the day after I placed the order, the service was very easy to use, and they very helpfully answered all my annoying questions.

The print looks great. We can’t stop staring at it. And it doesn’t stop staring at us. We’ve put it up in our living room, so now we have Arlo staring at us even after he has gone to bed. It’s a bit like the Mona Lisa in that no matter where you sit, he’s always staring right at you. 


I was provided a free-of-charge canvas from Photo-Canvas for the purpose of this review.

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