sun lotion for children with ezcema and rash prone skin

My  children all suffer from eczema and sensitive skin, over the years we have tried and tested many of the best brands of sun cream for eczema prone skin.

My children’s skin reacts to, seemingly everything, especially in the first few years when they are babies. Perfume, grass, body wash, lotions and creams (even most of the ones that are marketed as treatment for eczema), 90% of laundry products, the list goes on.

On top of that, there are the mystery rashes that appear with no obvious culprit.

We have to use the exact same washing powder and fabric softener combination, and I am wary of trying ANYTHING new in the way of skincare for my children.

Rory has just gone through a particularly bad few months with his skin – it took a bit of experimenting with several steroid creams to get the right balance in order for his cracked and bleeding feet and knees to start healing.

sun cream for children with eczema

Normally, I steer well clear from trying any new skincare products on the boys, and anything that winds up on my ’causes of rash’ suspect list gets axed immediately. But because we’ve been having a proper summer this year (yay!), I have been slathering him in sun cream, despite knowing that it was aggravating his skin. When it comes to sun safety, you have no choice, do you?

And so the last few months, we’ve been through a bit of a rollercoaster of trying different types of sun cream in an attempt to find one that worked well for eczema and sensitive skin.

It’s one of those things where a recommended children’s eczema sun cream brand might work brilliantly for one person, but not for another, so unfortunately it usually involves a frustrating process of elimination to find the right sun cream for you and your family.

Sun cream for eczema

Here is our account of the mission to find a sun cream for children with eczema and sensitive skin:

Nivea kids sun cream spray (SPF 50+) was the first, and really the only, sun cream we had used up until recently. It was always fine on Arlo, but Rory reacted very badly to it, and actually, Arlo did too this year, so maybe they have changed the formula. For us, this is no longer a good sun cream for eczema.


nivea kids sun spray

After a quick google, we then moved on to the most popular sun cream recommendation for children with eczema sensitive skin, Sunsense Toddler Milk (SPF 50). Unfortunately, this also caused a similarly bad rash for Rory, but Arlo has been able to use this sun cream with no issues.

sunsense toddler milk

I’d read that the higher the sun cream factor, the harder it is for skin to breath. So we swapped our factor 50+ for a factor 30 kids sun cream.  Ambre Solaire Resisto Kids High Protection Lotion (SPF 30) This caused a mild rash on both children. Nothing major, but not a perfect sun cream for children with eczema. sun cream for eczema


Next up we gave P20 (SPF 30) sun cream a go, as a friend had left his bottle at our house. Rash for Rory. Arlo was fine with it, but he has taken a dislike to the spray bottle, so it was a no for this sun cream, too.

p20 sun lotion

And then we tried Mustela Very High Protection Sun Lotion (50+). (*PR sample, I requested this sun cream specifically from the brand. Read the disclosure at the bottom for more info on how I feature skincare samples on this blog).

mustela childrens sun lotion

And it works! No rashes for Rory or Arlo. This has been our go-to sun cream for eczema over the past few weeks during the heatwave.  It’s a lotion rather than a cream, and the formula is quite thin (be careful, it gets a bit sloppy when dispensed), and I wonder whether that might be part of the key to its success. Either way, our bottle is practically empty, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing, as so far it’s the only sun cream for eczema I’ve found that does not cause any irritation for my children.

We’ll be sticking with Mustela for the time being, but I’m still going to keep searching for eczema-friendly sun creams, as, ideally, I like to know I have options.

Next on the list to try is Green People’s children’s sun lotion, and I will be popping a bottle of Aldi’s Lacura sun cream into the trolley on my next shopping trip, as I’ve heard good things about Aldi’s own brand sun cream for eczema and sensitive skin.

sun lotion for children with eczema


Aldi Lacura sun lotion caused a mild rash for my boys, but we have had big success with Green People children’s sun lotion – no reactions at all and this is now our main sun lotion for our children with eczema.

The boys still react when I try any sun cream from a supermarket, even ones that say they are designed specifically for sensitive skin. It’s a pain on the occasions in early summer where the strength of the sun catches you unprepared and you realise you need to grab a bottle of sun cream from the shops.

I trust both Green People and Mustela 100% on my children’s skin, they are the best sun creams for ezcema that we have used. But I have found that neither product are stocked in most local shops, so I do need to be prepared in advance for a heat wave and buy in bulk online.


The Mustela sun cream is a PR sample.

As I occasionally write about my eczema and rash-prone children, we frequently get offered skincare products to test. My policy is to tell PRs that they are welcome to send samples, but due to my reluctance to stray from our strict skincare routine, I offer no promises that the product will get a mention on the blog.

This means I can guarantee readers that the only skincare products that you will see mentioned and reviewed on my blog are ones that have impressed us and made a real difference to the boys’ skin. 



  1. Oh do try the Green People one if you get the chance – I got a sample of it this summer with Green Parent Magazine and it’s been great on Elma’s skin (also prone to rashes and a bit of eczema) so we stocked up and use it on both girls and ourselves. It was also recommended to me by a friend whose daughter has bad eczema as one of the few things that she’s used that didn’t cause a flare up.

  2. We also use Green People. My daughter has a bit of eczema too and I try very hard to use products that does not make it worse as her father’s eczema is really terrible. We like Green People so far (only started to use it a few weeks ago) and I am thinking to use it onmyself as well as I also have very sensitive skin. Also, it is free of all those harmfull and dangerous stuff that many suncreams have (e.g. The one we were using before).

  3. HI Chloe, We would love to send you over a sample of our Organic Children sun lotion to try, we are certain you will love it! Thanks for the other lovely comments too! We are delighted to have you as fans.

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