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Considering that I once had aspirations to be an interior designer, it’s amusing (to me), that you will never find a completely finished, expertly decorated room in our entire house.

Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have an instagram-perfect house where I could go crazy snapping photos of the children against a backdrop that looks like something out of a styled interiors photoshoot. But having the motivation to maintain a house like that just isn’t me, and I really don’t think it would make any of us any happier. As long as our house is a happy, fun, place, I don’t care much what it looks like.

There is also the fact that it pains me to think about spending time and money doing up our current house when I know that it isn’t our ‘forever home’. We prefer to operate at a slower pace when it comes to home decor, updating things as and when they are needed, and making the occasional purchase when we find something pretty at a justifiable price.

Luckily for us, the ASDA George Home range falls under our idea of a very reasonable price bracket, and there have been some great offerings from their homeware collection in the past few years.

asda george home collection

At 4.5 years old, Arlo’s cotbed days are numbered. Whilst we are waiting to be able to make a bunk bed purchase, we are updating his duvet and bedding to single sized sets, in order to spread the cost.

With so many duvet offerings on the market, I find it hard to know what to pick. My main criteria after comfort, is that it washes well and dries fast. This Silent Night egyptian cotton duvet showed great strength during the great tummy bug catastrophe of February 2015. So far so good.

George is a bit of a not-so-secret gem when it comes to bedding sets. In particular, I’ve loved some of the children’s bedding designs from the past couple of years. As you might already know, Arlo has become somewhat of a London fanatic over the past year and a half. As soon as I saw this illustrated London bedding set (which also comes in double and king sizes, ahem), I knew it was perfect for Arlo.

asda george home

We also bought the matching London-set Tower Bridge and Big Ben cushions, and changed up his curtains to match the London theme. A few simple changes, but to Arlo, it felt like walking into a whole new room.

I’m currently on a mission to migrate the majority of the children’s toys upstairs to their room, leaving a bit more space and a ‘grown up’ feel in our living room. Toy storage needs to be easily accessible for the boys, and have a simple system to help tidy up time run smoothly. This coloured drawer unit is perfect for the job.


Along with the wicker baskets and the large under bed box holding their extensive wooden train track collection, there are enough separate boxes for a decent toy rotation system to last the whole week – one box per day lessens the chances of toy-overload or boredom.

Hands down, my favourite pick from the ASDA George Spring Home collection, and the one I feel has made the biggest difference to the look of the room, is the chevron curtains that we have put up in our living room. We chose the natural colour, which actually, to me, looks more of a warm pale grey shade in person. They come in floor length and shorter sizes, and there is a charcoal grey version too.

asda george home chevron curtain

A backlit photo of our dingy living room really doesn’t do these curtains any justice, so on the right is the product photo from the George website, so you can see how they look in good light. 

I’m crossing my fingers that George keep stocking these curtains for a long while so I can purchase more sets when we/if eventually move house and I have more windows to furnish.


Our selected home picks were sent to us for the purpose of this feature. 







  1. Oh I really love that bedding! I wonder if I could get away with it in Elsa’s room?! I am renting at the moment so I have really done anything in the way of decorating, but I’m starting to get a bit fed up of the ‘blank canvas’ feel the whole place has. I could definitely do with getting a few bits to spruce the place up and make it more homely 🙂

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