Last week, I went to Smilepod to sample their High Gloss Diamond Polish service.


I usually aim to visit the hygienist at my local dentist every 6 months or so. But, on top of life getting in the way, I often find that availability is severely limited and I can be waiting for several months before finding an appointment time that suits.


Smilepod are a London dentist chain attempting to make that admin side of teeth care a lot easier. They say:


At Smilepod, we appreciate that Londoners are busy and don’t want to miss work to see the dentist. To help you, we offer Saturday and evening appointments. We also know the importance of location so all of our 6 Central London dentists are easily located within 5 minutes of a tube station.


I visited the Bank branch of Smilepod for a High Gloss Diamond Polish. The service took approximately 45 minutes. First, an ultra-sonic scaler is used to remove tartar with a special gentle tip. The tip vibrates flushing out bacteria from below the gum line. The next step is hand scaling –  removing small pieces of build-up missed during the ultrasonic treatments. This is followed by an air flow for efficient and faster stain removal. Finally, the diamond polishing paste is applied.


I left feeling that my teeth had been given a thorough clean, and being able to book and attend an appointment within a matter of days was a huge convenience.


The High Gloss Diamond Polish is a great clean up for your teeth, but it isn’t a whitening treatment. If you are after dramatic whitening results, you might want to look at some of the other services offered at Smilepod, like the Philips Zoom treatment


I found the High Gloss Diamond Polish at Smilepod to be a very similar service to what I would usually have during an appointment with the hygienist at my usual dentist. Price-wise, I usually pay £50 for my hygienist, and a High Gloss Diamond Polish at Smilepod is £89. This is not a small difference, but there are a few reasons for why I would consider using Smilepod again over my usual dentist / hygienist:


My treatment at Smilepod was much more thorough than a typical appointment with my local hygienist. At Smilepod, every tooth was individually cleaned. Whereas the last time I visited my hygienist, they only really concentrated on the front teeth.  and I didn’t feel I had got my money’s worth, and I needed to revisit a lot sooner as the clean hadn’t been thorough enough to last the usual 6 months or longer.


Smilepod is much easier to schedules appointments, and there is a much greater choice of times. The hygienist at my dentist books out weeks in advance and only ever offers inconvenient time slots.


With our wedding approaching, I want to keep my teeth in the best possible condition. It’s great to know that I have a quick and easy booking option for dental treatments.



My High Gloss Diamond Polish at Smilepod was provided in exchange for this review.


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