walkers hoops and crosses

Arlo was very excited when this monkey showed up at his doorstep with a packet of Walkers Hoops and Crosses for him to put to the test.

Being a typical fussy toddler, crisps are a diet staple for Arlo at the moment – something I’m not particularly proud of, but that’s life and I’m happy to wait patiently for him to grow out of this distinctly ‘beige phase’.

How did he rate the Hoops and Crosses? Well, they all got eaten. Rather quickly. Arlo has just learnt the alphabet, so it was pretty fun for him to have a bag full of ‘X’ and ‘O’ shapes and he took great delight in announcing each ‘letter’ before he ate it.

The packet size is large enough to split into two snack toddler portions, making it more economical for me as one packet would be sufficient for two days of afternoon snacks. Hoops and Crosses are made from wholegrains and have no artificial colours or preservatives (bonus!) They come in three flavours – prawn cocktail, roast beef, salt and vinegar.


We were sent a sample of Walkers Hoops and Crosses and have received payment for this review.

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