We have been using this newborn baby pouch by Little Green Sheep every night. Designed for new babies during the intermediate stage whilst they are below the minimum weight limit for sleeping bags, the pouch is basically the bottom half of a sleeping bag, with a stretchy waistband. It sits under the arms and therefore there is no risk of the bag getting anywhere near the baby’s face.

Rory is actually above the minimum weight for sleeping bags but we’re still using the pouch as we’ve found it quicker to slip on and off for those night time nappy changes. We’ll make the switch to sleeping bags once his nighttime nappy habits are a bit more reliable, but there is tons of room left to grow into the pouch if we decide to keep using it for longer.

During the night, there is quite a bit of moving Rory from the Moses basket into my bed for feeds – I find it much easier to use this pouch rather than blankets which are prone to slipping off with all the moving around. We co-sleep for at least part of the night, and again, there is a lot of wiggling around and repositioning Rory for feeds – I was finding that blankets were easily slipping down his body, whereas the pouch stays put. And there is no chance of the pouch going over his head, as there is with a loose blanket.

There’s only one thing I could think of that might improve this very simple design. I had the delightful task of removing the pouch after Rory had done a particularly special nappy, pulling the pouch down also pulled the nappy down slightly…and you can imagine the rest. A button or some way of opening up the stretchy waistband would be quite useful in this sort of event.

The newborn baby pouch would make the perfect practical gift for a new baby.


We were sent the newborn baby pouch free of charge for reviewing purposes.

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  1. Not seen these before, what a great idea, I really didn’t like using blankets for the first few weeks when the boys were too small for full sleeping bags. I always panicked a bit when they were in blankets. I love how babies sleep with their arms in the air like that 🙂

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