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Specsavers have been my contact lens and glasses provider for decades, and with my current pair of glasses getting on for 3 years old, it was a natural yes to the offer of reviewing the Kylie Minogue Specsavers glasses range; Eyewear K.

Generally, I find shopping for glasses and frames a little bit problematic. Lots of frames end up looking outsized on my pea head, especially the big chunky ones. But many of the daintier frames don’t provide as large a lens area as I’d like.

What I really want is a frame that is feminine, flattering, and functional at the same time. Enter the Kylie range at Specsavers.

specsavers kylie minogue glasses review

I popped along to my local Specsavers branch in Croydon to check out the new range of Kylie frames. Usually there are just one or two designs that I like when I’m trying to pick new glasses, but with Kylie’s eyewear K range, I literally could have picked around six different frames that all suited my face shape.

Eventually, I narrowed it down to two pairs, only to be told it was buy one get one free on frames anyway. Perfect. (This is another thing I like about Specsavers, there’s always a deal to be had, and being a contact lens customer, I get even further discounts on glasses).

Having never been entirely sure about prescription sunglasses (All very well and good outside on a sunny day, but what do I do when I go inside and everything’s dark and I’m blind if I take them off??), I was curious to try Specsavers Reactions lenses, which cleverly adapt to light conditions: indoors, the photochromic lenses are clear but as soon as you step outside into bright, natural light, they darken, giving you 100% UV protection.

specsavers kylie glasses

Seeing as I was getting two pairs of glasses for the price of one, I decided it was a great time to experiment and try out the Reactions lenses as well as a pair of normal lenses. You can choose from brown or grey lenses (I went with brown to match the tortoiseshell frames of my glasses, but in hindsight I wonder if grey would have been more modern looking.

The Reactions lenses are going to be great throughout the summer season when I can’t be bothered to put in my contact lenses just so I can wear a pair of sunglasses.

But my favourite of the two pairs I chose are my standard lens glasses. They are such an upgrade from my previous chunky black frames that hid my eyebrows. I love how flattering they are, and how clear the lenses are! (I hadn’t quite realised, but it turns out that my three year old glasses lenses were quite scratched and the coating had deteriorated, which had affected my quality of vision).

If you are looking for a sophisticated, fun, and feminine range of glasses, definitely check out the Kylie Minogue Eyewear K range at Specsavers.

specasvers kylie minogue glasses

*My glasses were provided free of charge in exchange for this review.



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