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We have been testing out the Cosatto Giggle travel system for the past couple of weeks. There will be a further review using the carrycot and car seat once baby 2 is here, but for now I wanted to talk about what comes in the box, and how the Giggle performs with a 2.5 year old in the seat.

By this point, a lot of people (ourselves included) move on to an umbrella-fold pushchair for their toddler’s main ride, but even now we do sometimes still use our travel system for Arlo, and so I think it’s really important to properly test out the Giggle with Arlo in the seat. When you carefully select the all-important travel system for your newborn, the toddler years seem very far away, but I think it’s really great to know that you are investing in a pushchair that will grow with your child and that you could still be using  two years down the line.

So, what’s in the box?

The chassis (literally unfold it and clip the wheels on, it took us under five minutes to ‘construct’)

The seat unit

The carrycot unit


Car seat adaptors

Changing bag (with padded change mat and messy bag)

Two bumper bars (one foam covered and one with a zip off cover – perfect for messy toddlers)


cosatto giggle footmuff

What we like about the Giggle:

I love the design. It’s probably the best looking pushchair I’ve seen. There was nothing this bright and colourful around when I was choosing travel systems for Arlo. We chose the Treet design, and it’s cheerful green pattern is definitely a head-turner.

The fold is so simple. Much easier than our existing travel system.

It folds with the seat on! (in forward-facing mode). I know it’s not a huge hassle to take the seat unit off before folding – I have spent over a year and a half doing just this with Arlo’s travel system – but it’s just that bit easier and takes that little bit less time when it folds in one piece.

cosatto giggle folded

You won’t find yourself forking out for all the extra bits – The Giggle comes with footmuff and car seat attachments included.

The seat unit can parent-face and forward-face.

The bumper bar – it’s washable, and gate-opening. If you have to remove the whole thing every time you need to get your child in and out of the seat, there’s really no point in having one on the pushchair, so this is a really handy feature.

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The footmuff is 4-way reversible, so you can chop and change the pattern to suit your mood or the weather – one side is fleece-lined (perfect for winter), the other side is a more wipeable and breathable material.

The footrest – You’d be surprised at the amount of pushchairs that do not have a footrest to accommodate an older child/toddler.

cosatto giggle review

How does the Giggle perform with a toddler in the seat?

Initially, I thought we were going to have the same issue that we are finding with a lot of travel systems now that Arlo is over two years old. The seat unit looked pretty compact, and I wasn’t sure there would be any space between Arlo’s head and the hood canopy. But once I put him in the Giggle, I could see that the seat was indeed deep enough to accommodate Arlo, and he told me that he was “very comfy”. Even better, he still has space underneath the hood. I’d say there’s about a two-inch gap, the photo below should give some idea.

cosatto giggle review

Another initial reservation was that the combination of plastic wheels and heavy toddler would mean that the ride would be similar to an umbrella-fold pushchair. But I was really surprised at how smooth the Giggle is, there’s no difference between the Giggle and our pushchair with foam wheels.

Half way round Sainsbury’s I realised that I’d been steering the Giggle one-handedly the whole time, so it’s obviously really easy to manoeuvre – even with a heavier toddler in the seat.

Any downsides?

I’d love it if the shopping basket were a little bigger, and if access to it wasn’t restricted by the bar when the seat is in parent-facing mode. I found I couldn’t fit in a whole shopping bag in one go and had to put items in one by one. This isn’t an issue in forward facing mode as the bar part of the frame isn’t in the way.

cosatto giggle shopping basket

When it comes to taking tight and sloped corners with a toddler/heavier child in the seat, it definitely needs a two-handed steer to prevent a sideways tilt (I think this is because it’s a 3 wheeler pushchair). I only noticed it tilt when I tested the Giggle on THE tightest, narrowest corner in our neighbourhood, which also happens to be on quite a steep hill. I think any three-wheeler pushchair in this situation with an older/heavier toddler would be the same.

For the past couple of weeks we have been using the Giggle as our main pushchair. It is definitely a pushchair that can be used well into the toddler years, and overall I am seriously impressed at how easily it handles having a 2.5 year old in the seat. For the price, longevity, and for the slightly superficial reason that the designs are so fun and cheerful, I’d say the Cosatto Giggle is a very good option if you are looking to buy a travel system.



 We were sent the Cosatto Giggle travel system free of charge for reviewing purposes.



  1. Hi, have you had any problems since writing this review with your pram. I have read so many complaints about front wheel snapping off and carry cot being very wobbly with baby in it. My baby is due in 4 weeks and I’m feeling apprehensive as I have this pram

    1. Hi Grace,

      I’ve not encountered any problems yet and my baby is now 4 weeks old so I have been using it for a month with a newborn. I read one complaint on a forum about the front wheel snapping off, which sounded awful, so I have been paying particular attention to the front wheel, but so far it’s been absolutely fine and seems very sturdy – hopefully that incident was just an unfortunate one off!

      As far as it being wobbly, do you mean the suspension, or the actual carrycot wobbles on the frame? My carrycot does not wobble at all on the frame. The suspension is not as great as other pushchairs I’ve used (it’s far better than my maclaren but not as good as my bugaboo cameleon), but it’s smooth enough for a newborn and I have no hesitations putting Rory in the Giggle. It might not be the ideal off-roader, but it’s fine on grass or pavement.

      Hope that helps! Happy to answer any other questions you may have.

    2. Hi Hun be wary of the front wheel mine snapped off 2 days ago with my child in it not happy at all just lucky I wasn’t in the middle of a road x

      1. Thanks Vanessa. Oh gosh, I hope your baby was OK? A few commenters have mentioned this happening. We’ve had our Giggle for three months now and use it with both the toddler and newborn, and so far it’s been fine.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I hope I am a lucky one and nothing happen my pram as i do love it but the amount of complaints flowing in on their Facebook page is crazy. I have copies of all complaints, even the ones that may have been deleted. Scary stuff when your thinking of putting a brand new baby into something which is potentially not safe.
    I put pram together last night. I love it so much, I have to say. Can you answer another query though. Does your carry cot part wobble while on the chassis – as in if you give it a gentle shake does it tilt slightly up and down from back to front. It’s nothing major but as a first time mum i don’t know if this is normal
    Thanks again for your help,

    1. I think a bit of wobble is normal. I have just tested both my pushchairs (Bugaboo and the Giggle) and the carrycot on both has a little bit of wobble from front to back. Actually, you’ve reminded me that I had the same thought when trying out our bugaboo for the first time (3 years ago now!) I’m no pushchair safety expert though, so definitely speak to Cosatto if you are worried there might be a problem!

  3. I have purchased mine, baby boy isn’t due until November, I have heard that since the incidents involving the front wheel etc, Cosatto have made a more up to date version of the travel system, I am hoping mine is one. I haven’t tried and tested it yet as the pushchair is at my dads house, I really ought to go and have a push around the garden, can’t wait to use it, I have seen no one in my local area with one and I am hoping that I will be the only one! Great information on the Giggle Chloe, you have made me more excited to start using it. 🙂

    1. Hi Sian, thank you. A previous commenter alerted me to the problems some people have had with the front wheel. I haven’t had any issues with the chassis of our Giggle so far, although it’s good to be aware of it so I can keep an eye on the front part and make sure all is as it should be. Enjoy your Giggle and OF COURSE your baby boy when he arrives : )

  4. My daughter had this buggy really lovely but it collapsed today with my 9month old grandson in it there metal bar that holds the front wheel snapped not the black plastic bit everyone else has talked about but the frame itself this happened as she was crossing as main road an to top it all Argos won’t refund even though its only a year old dissgusting

  5. I have this pram and I’m sad to say it nearly killed my son as the brake jammed in the middle of the road. Upon receiving a replacement this collapsed. On researching I’ve discovered 3 major and quite common complaints with this pram
    Common faults
    1-they break near the front wheel.
    2-they collapse.
    3-The brakes jam (which happened to me in the middle of the road nearly killing my son)

  6. Do not buy any cossatto products!!! I have a bizzy betty travel system and design is nice but quality is very bad:( afrer 2 months i have to claim my first car seat repair!! And it took twa ana a half month to sort it!!!!!!! Trying different ways: their website-no reply, fb- replying only to the questiobs they want!! In the end i get another faulty hood to replace mine. End of story. I woul not reccomend this company and products to anyone!

  7. I have purchased a cosatto giggle all stars and giggle hold car chair seperatly. Am I doing something wrong the car chair is not fixing to the pram? am I missing something?

  8. Very unhappy with the cosatto pram.
    my little boy is 4 weeks old and is almost the length of his pram already.
    He will be soon ready to go into the pushchair mode however on the cosatto range doesn’t do newborn inserts and the pushchair part is for 6 months +

    What am I supposed to do buy another stroller???
    has anyone else had this issue and how did you get round the issue?

  9. I have a cosatto giggle 2 oaker! It has collapsed with my baby in… I have sent it back and they found nothing and exspect me to put her back I it!

  10. i have the giggle in trees love the pram I didn’t buy a car seat with mine and since then I have been wanting one I have tried a few seats but non seem to fit dose it have to be the same style??

    1. I think our model isn’t compatible with other car seats but I’m sure there have been more recent versions of the giggle released since that may do.

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