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Before Rory was born, I wrote about using the Cosatto Giggle travel system with a toddler, what is included in the box, and an in-depth review of the pushchair’s performance. The Cosatto Giggle travel system has now been living with our family for four months, and we during that time we have mainly been using it in carrycot for our newborn.

For my second review of the Giggle, I thought I’d put together a little video featuring our family and the Giggle, where you can also see how it folds and fits in the boot of our Ford Focus (and yes, unfortunately Sam is still wearing those shorts).

I also wanted to follow up with a few thoughts now that we’ve been using the Cosatto Giggle on a regular basis:

The folding system is perfect. Very easy to do and much easier than my Bugaboo, which tends to lock awkwardly and infuriate me when I’m in a hurry. I’m looking forward to being able to fold with the seat attached once Rory is old enough to use the seat unit.

Rory is super happy in the carrycot. He was a big baby at birth (and still continues to be a big baby!) and there is plenty of room for him. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have stopped to ask us about the Giggle, there’s naturally a lot of interest as it’s such an affordable travel system.

The ride continues to be much smoother than I first assumed it would be when I saw it has plastic wheels.

I have been on buses, trains, and tubes with the Giggle and had no problems, so it certainly passes the London public transport test. I found the way the handle adjusts particularly useful on public transport, as you can fold it back on itself so that it’s not so much of an obstruction.

cosatto giggle treet

This is the first three-wheeler pushchair that I’ve used, and although a lot better than I imagined, I haven’t been converted to the three wheel way of life. I’m still a traditional four-wheel kind of person. A child on a buggy board has the annoying capability of rendering a great pushchair into a cumbersome load when trying to move the pushchair anywhere that isn’t in a direct, straight line. I suspect using the three-wheeled Giggle with a buggy board would make it really back heavy, and could make steering with just one front wheel a bit trickier, although I haven’t actually tried it out with a buggy board myself  (we attached the buggy board to our old pram before we got the Giggle, and the fasteners are fixed on so we are unable to move it between pushchairs). However, the Giggle is perfect as a pushchair for a baby or young toddler, and steers like a dream.

cosatto giggle car seat

I love the design of the car seat. I haven’t seen such a fun car seat before, they are usually a very dull grey or black. Rory is very comfortable in the car seat, and I prefer the head hugger to the one you get with a maxi cosi car seat, as it gives Rory more room. Although I really do wish that a base was available for the car seat. I’ve become very used to just clicking my maxi cosi onto its easybase in the car, and after using that system I’m really reluctant to go back to using the 3 point seat belt method. The lazy parent in me just wants anything that makes my life easier, and I also find a one-click base a really handy time-saver when I’m trying to wrangle a toddler into the car at the same time.

Overall, the Cosatto Giggle is a really great ride. We are very impressed with the quality and functionality of this pushchair and would recommend the Giggle to anyone looking for a reasonably priced travel system. The Giggle travel system is available to buy from Cosatto, priced £410.


We were provided with the Cosatto Giggle travel system for the purpose of this review.


      1. Hi Chloe great review we have the cosatto stars cant wait to use it in 7 weeks!! Do u know if i can clip my maxicosi pebbles car seat on to it as we havent purchased the cosatto car seat ?? Thanks Emma xx

        1. Hi Emma, I’m not too sure if it’s compatible with any maxi-cosi car seats. We have the cabrio-fix, and it’s not compatible with that.

    1. He’s actually even bigger now. This video was made in July – it’s taken me THAT long to edit it and get my post written up!

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