I eagerly responded to the tweet requesting blog reviews of this bath product, perhaps too eagerly than anyone should be when it comes to bath products, but I do have a reason for that.

We’ve been using bath mats since we found a need for them once Arlo could sit up. But for some reason they never last long. Despite always hanging the bath mat out to air-dry after each bath, it’s only a matter of time before I start to notice little discoloured/mouldy patches appearing around the suckers. Maybe it’s me, maybe we are doing it wrong, but we have been through 3 bath mats in the past 20 months, and I started to feel that it was becoming a waste of money.

The anti-slip bath safety circles from Non-slip bath are a very simple concept. It’s a pack of white stickers that stick directly to the floor of the bath, the textured surface of the stickers prevents slipping.

Their website states  that the stickers ‘provide a more permanent alternative to bath mats which often attract mould and grime.’ Now, we’ve only been using the stickers for about a month  (not long enough to pass my mould test just yet), but I am inclined to agree with the website – the circles stick strongly to the floor of the bath (make sure the bath is dry when you stick them down!), there is no space for air to get between the bath and the stickers so I don’t see how any mould could grow.

Bear in mind that these stickers are designed to be placed in the bath for the long term. Once removed, they are no longer usable. So this may not be your prefered solution if you have a luxury bathroom or for your freestanding roll-top bath. Ours is most definitely a family bathroom and was taken over by plastic toys a long time ago, so we don’t have any issue letting these little stickers take permanent residence in our bath.

We needed two packs of the safety circles to cover the bottom of our average-sized bath. We’ve been using the stickers for a month, and during that time I have not noticed Arlo slip at all. The stickers are doing just as good a job as a bath mat, but I’m hoping they will last a bit longer!

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