IMG_1157-copyFor a long while, I’ve been wondering whether to get Arlo a scooter for Christmas. At 25 months old, I’d been having a major ‘Is he too young for a scooter or not?’ dilemma. I knew that the purchase of a scooter would be on the horizon (Judging from all of the scooters I’ve seen lined up outside the various pre-schools we’ve been visiting recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that getting a scooter must be a right of passage for all 3 – 5 year olds these days), so it made sense to buy one at some point soon…but would it sit redundant for half a year until Arlo reached the age or skill level to properly use a scooter?

Well, Arlo has been a very lucky boy and recently got the chance to review a 3in1 Mini Micro Scooter. We’ve been trying out the scooter for the past couple of weeks, and I no longer have any idea why I was deliberating about Arlo being old enough for a scooter. The 3in1 is the perfect option for him at the age of two, and is actually a toy that he could have been using confidently from a much earlier age.

The 3in1 Mini Micro can be used in the three following ways:


  1. With o-bar and seat – this turns the scooter into a ride-on toy. Having tried this combination out with Arlo, I can safely say that Arlo could have been comfortably using the scooter like this from the point he learnt to walk (possibly before with a bit of parental help).
  2. As a scooter with the o-bar handle – the o-bar handle is smaller than the standard handle that comes with the Mini Micro just the right height for 1 – 3 year olds not yet tall enough to reach the standard handle.
  3. In full Mini Micro mode with the traditional handle.

Here’s a short little video that runs through the three different scooting options in more detail:


Arlo is currently using his scooter with the o-bar handle. At first we tried it with the seat as I thought he would prefer that configuration, but I noticed that he seemed to be having more fun using the scooter standing up.


Although he constantly repeats the phrase ‘One foot on, one foot off, and push’ like some kind of Karate Kid mantra, he hasn’t yet fully got the hang of scooting, but there’s plenty of time for him to learn. I imagine by the time he turns 3 and is ready to move up to full Mini Micro mode, he’ll be a scooting pro. In the meantime, he really thinks his scooter is something very special, and he loves pushing it around inside and outside the house.

One thing that surprised me about the 3in1 Mini Micro Scooter is it’s size. It’s much more compact than I realised, it takes up less room than a lot of ride-on toys, and is therefore a pretty good option as an indoor toy for a young toddler.


Before we tried out our Micro Scooter, I was under the impression that a scooter was something Arlo might use from the age of 2.5 or 3 years old. If I’d known just how small and easy to use the 3in1 would be from a younger age, I would have bought one for Arlo’s first birthday and got even more longevity out of the purchase. He won’t outgrow this scooter until he’s 5 years old, I can’t think of many other toys that are made to last throughout all the developmental stages between 1 and 5 years of age. Well-made products that have the capability to grow with your child offer unbeatable value for money in my eyes.

If you are currently in the same position that I was and wondering whether your toddler is too young for a scooter, I would not hesitate to take a look at the Mini Micro 3in1.IMG_1176-copy

We were sent a 3in1 Mini Micro scooter for the purpose of this review.


  1. definitely worth getting the ubiquitous mini micro early! My daughter got hers for her 2nd birthday & was able to use it right away. It had daily use for about 2 years & still has occasional use at 4.6 yrs now. I will refurb it with parts from their website & pass it on to the baby when she is big enough, reckon it will last another child easily.

  2. What is the micro scooter? Can’t imagine it’s smaller than the mini. Is it a different style or brand? How does it compare with the mini. Please enlighten.

    1. Hi. Micro Scooter is the brand. The scooter I reviewed was the Mini Micro scooter, aimed at 1 – 5 year olds. The Micro Scooter (same brand) is a bigger version for older children.

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