pines and needles christmas tree

I am a hugely stubborn Christmas tree traditionalist, and here are my rules.

Firstly, the tree does not go up until December. Usually mid-December but I’m not too strict on this. November is completely out of the question.

Secondly, the tree has to be real. None of this plastic nonsense.

Thirdly, choosing the Christmas tree is a whole family event. We do it together.

I know there are some really convincing looking fake trees out there now, and I get that it’s an extra expense to buy one every year. But growing up, we always had a real tree. And it’s just not Christmas until I can wake up on a cold December morning, come downstairs, take a deep breath and inhale that real Christmas tree smell.

It smells like magic, excitement, childhood. There’s no beating it.

For the last five years, we have been luckily enough to have had a shop at the end of our road that sells Christmas trees at this time of year. It was simple enough for Sam to carry our tree the 20 yards to our front door. But now we’ve moved, and that shop is a decent walk away. We needed a new plan this year. And so we were very excited to be invited to try out the Pines and Needles Christmas tree delivery service.

pines and needles christmas tree

Christmas tree delivery with Pines and Needles

Pines and Needles have shops dotted in various locations across London and beyond where you can pick a tree and have it delivered to you either that same day or the day after. It meant that we could still keep our tradition of going along as a family to choose our tree, without the worry about how we were going to get our tree home.

We always choose our Christmas tree together. It’s become quite the family tradition, with the younger family members getting more and more vocal about their Christmas tree opinions each year. So, last week we popped along to the Wimbledon branch of Pines and Needles, which is located in Wimbledon Park. We spent a good while umming and ahhing over shape, crowns, and branch dispersion, whilst the children debated which tree was the tallest EVER.

We ordered our non-drop Nordmann fir at 7pm, and there was an option to have it delivered that same evening before 10pm – I was really impressed at the speed of that service, the delivery van probably would have beaten us home! There was also a next day delivery service, which is what we opted for.

christmas tree delivery

The next day, we awaited the arrival of our Christmas tree at home. The cheerful delivery guys were wearing Santa hats, which added a lot to the excitement for three year old Rory. He was bouncing up and down with glee watching his Christmas tree arrive. This is the first year he has a complete and total understanding of Christmas, and it’s just lovely.

It was hard not to be impressed with the Pines and Needles Christmas tree delivery service. It’s one thing that really stands out from our experience ordering a Christmas tree with Pines and Needles. The service is incredibly prompt, and the delivery guys are friendly and helpful. They even put our tree into it’s stand, which I wasn’t expecting.

Our tree is currently in its netting in our garden waiting to be welcomed into our home and decorated at the weekend.

I cannot wait for that real Christmas tree smell.

pines and needles christmas trees

Our Christmas tree was provided for review. All opinions are my own. 

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