Nomi highchair

Nomi highchair review

Call me fickle, but since we redecorated our dining area, I really wanted a highchair that would complement. The thought of yet another glaring bit of plastic baby paraphenalia just didn’t fill me with joy.

Nomi highchair

Enter the Nomi highchair with it’s gorgeous modern design, and I was suddenly excited – a highchair that would actually look good in our space. But looking good is far from the most important thing when it comes to highchairs – would the Nomi prove to be a decent, functional highchair?

Nomi highchair

What we particularly like about the Nomi highchair

Since getting our nice new wood floor, we do tend to wince at the sound of a chair being scraped back and forth as we sit down to the table. The wheels on the back legs of the Nomi highchair are a clever inclusion that prevents scratching to delicate floors.


We tend to find our highchair moves around quite a lot depending on whether we are eating at the table or breakfast bar, and without a doubt, we move it after every meal time for cleaning the floor. We’ve had heavy highchairs in the past, and you really notice it when you have to move it three times per day. The Nomi highchair is one of the lightest we’ve used, and a light highchair makes the world of difference.


Having a footrest rather than having his legs dangle means Otto is in the best ergonomic position and his Nomi highchair naturally encourages him to sit up straight with good posture.

Nomi highchair


There’s no doubt about it, since we moved to our new house and redesigned our dining space to suit our tastes, I have become a little bit of a highchair snob. The highest criteria for a highchair will always be how easy it is to use and clean, but these days, design is a close second. A trivial point, maybe. But after going to all that effort with our house design, we want a highchair that blends in and compliments our space, rather than sticking out like a sore, garish plastic, thumb. The Nomi highchair, with it’s clean lines and neutral colours, looks the part with our whitewashed wood and white colour scheme.

Nomi highchair


Yay, it comes with a tray! This is really a requirement for me when considering a highchair. In the early days of weaning, I find it particularly useful to have a tray, rather than a highchair that sits up at the table. The great thing with the Nomi highchair is that it does both. And the tray pops on and off really easily so it’s very simple to switch between standalone highchair with tray, and table-side highchair.

Nomi highchair

Anything we don’t like about the Nomi highchair?

We’ve been using our Nomi highchair daily for the past couple of months. I actually haven’t found any negatives yet. There are a few small crevices between the seat and the ‘stem’ of the Nomi where food likes to collect, but I’ve found that the same on most highchairs we’ve used in the past, the Tripp Trapp included. Once you know where these areas are, you know to pay extra attention to them.

We opted for the white version of the Nomi highchair, and so far, Otto has eaten things like spaghetti bolognaise straight off the tray and it’s cleaned off with no hint of discolouration at all
I’m interested to see how this holds up in a year or two’s time – will the white still be white? Or will it have suffered from food staining over time?

Nomi highchair

We really like our Nomi highchair. It blends in really well with our dining room decor, and its striking design is definitely a talking piece whenever we have visitors. Otto is very happy sitting and eating in his Nomi highchair. And we love that it gives us the option to bring him closer to the table at family mealtimes, whilst also working as a standalone highchair with tray for the times when that is easier.

The Nomi is a chair that will grow with Otto right up until his teenage years, and will no doubt be a permanent fixture at our dining table for many years to come.

Nomi highchair

Our Nomi highchair was provided for the purpose of this review


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