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Our family is really looking forward to going to Lollibop Festival again this August. LolliBop is a London event entirely for children, with the likes of Justin Fletcher, Peppa Pig, Rastamouse, and loads more making an appearance.

Memorable moments from last year’s LolliBop were: Arlo’s face when he saw the characters from Waybuloo in real life, dancing to the Zingzillas, pressing the button on the Ella’s kitchen vending machine over and over again… and for the adults – cold beer on a wonderfully sunny day.

Waybuloo at LolliBop

When Arlo saw Yojojo

Arlo was 21 months when we went, so we had to break for nap times, and he tired a lot more quickly than he does now, but despite having to go at ‘toddler pace’ we managed to fit a lot into our day at the festival. There is a great area for babies and younger toddlers, almost like an outdoor stay and play, that Arlo enjoyed especially – I remember it taking about half an hour to coax him out of a wendyhouse to go and watch some of the acts!

This year, Arlo is two and three-quarters and I imagine that the bulk of our time at LolliBop will be spent in the Theatre Tent watching Tickety Toc, and in the Lollipalladium at Andy and Sid’s Big Birthday Bash (he calls the Cbeebies presenters his ‘friends’, bless him).  He doesn’t know the Animal Man, but I reckon that could be a winner too. And there are plenty of baby friendly spaces for me to chill out with 12 week old Rory too.

The festivities are running from the 16th-18th of August at a new venue – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Check my blog tomorrow for a giveaway where you could win a family ticket to LolliBop!


We have been given tickets to LolliBop in return for coverage of the event.


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