Disclosure: I have received payment and food goods in exchange for writing this post to let you know about Warburtons Krazy Kitchen

Seeing a courier on my doorstep late last night was a weird reminder of my past work life and the hectic rush to send proofs to photographers in order to meet crazy editorial deadlines.

But this time the package contained something far more exciting – food. Let it be known that this family will pretty much always say yes to doing a food review. Unless it’s oranges. Blurgh.


We have been sent a hamper of tasty ingredients to create something fun for lunchtime, using the Krazy Kitchen recipe ideas. I’m really not that keen on standard, sliced, sandwich bread, so the sandwich thins look very appealing. And we’ll definitely be trying out Warburton’s Tex-Mex Mayhem recipe, as Sam and I are big fans of wraps and fajitas.

If Arlo is not having leftovers for his lunch, I automatically reach for the spaghetti hoops on toast / marmite on toast / anything that’s quick and easy on toast option. Let’s be honest, he rarely eats anything else anyway.

I know I often get stuck in a rut of making uninspired lunches for Arlo. Being creative at meal times and encouraging my children to eat the healthy stuff is one of those things on the to-do list that never gets done. I would love some inspiration for things I can put on top of Arlo’s toast, and it would be even better if those options are more fresh and healthy than spaghetti hoops or marmite.


Warburtons have created the ‘Krazy Kitchen’ gameshow to liven up lunchtimes. Mums, dads, and children all battle it out to make the best sandwich, whilst being distracted by some unexpected crazyness in the kitchen. You can watch the action on the Warburtons Facebook page.  I really like the sound of the regular ‘sandwich surgeries’ also held on Warburton’s Facebook page to encourage discussion and inspiration for tasty sandwiches. Here’s hoping that all these lunchtime recipes and videos will give me some new ideas to try out with Arlo.

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