I am a big fan of on-demand services, convenience apps…whatever you want to call them.

When I heard about this service, I thought “Of course there’s an app for that. It makes complete sense”. Laundrapp gives you a quote for your laundry, whisks it away and brings it back clean and folded as little as two days later. Door to door service within time slots selected by you, from your phone app. They also do dry cleaning and ironing.

Price comparison: Our local dry cleaners charge £7.50 for one suit. Laundrapp is £11. But our dry cleaners ask for 3 days, and when I go to collect, 3 times out of 5, the reply is “Oh, it’s not ready yet, can you come back tomorrow?”

All things considered, I would happily pay the difference for a guaranteed service from Laundrapp and the convenience of not having to take repeated trips to the dry cleaners and attempt to lug a clean suit home whilst juggling a buggy and a walking four year old alongside a very busy main road.


How was the service?

I was kind of intrigued as to who would turn up at my door. I’m not entirely sure what it takes to get a service like this off the ground so quickly in an area like London, but I know there must a be LOT of people power behind it.

The driver was a polite and friendly guy, who was very helpful in explaining the best way to prepare your clothes for collection (no hangers, no suit bags – they return clothes in Laundrapp hangers and bags. I hadn’t found any info about this on the app). The clothes were handed over, the driver doubled checked the return date details and gave me a collection receipt, and off he went.

We opted for the ‘9 to 5’ promotion – 1 suit and 5 shirts (cleaned, ironed, and hung) for £18.

Sam’s garments arrived back right on time two days later. I opted for evening time slots as although I never know what’s going to happen with my days, one of us is always guaranteed to be at home of an evening, so waiting in for a collection/delivery is never a problem. The latest collection slot is 9pm-10pm.


The Laundrapp service was so hassle free, it would have been hard NOT to have been impressed. But seeing as I am unbelievably excited at the mere idea of anything that might make laundry an easier task, all Laundrapp had to do to make me happy was provide a smooth running service and return the clothes in as good a condition as I’d expect from any reputable dry cleaner. They succeeded on both counts.

Seeing as I work from home, outsourcing my general laundry seems a little bit indulgent, even for me. But the excitement level would be akin to ordering a takeaway when you just can’t be bothered to cook. Maybe even better.

I’m not saying that I’m totally ruling out a bit of indulgence every once in a while. I’m rather comforted by the sight of the Laundrapp icon on my phone, ready to deploy with one touch of a button in the event of an emergency…or a very neglected washing pile during a slightly more lucrative month.

For dry cleaning, however, I have been completely won over by the convenience, and what I think are fair prices for a swift and quality service. Next time I get a panicked “I’m going away in three days, I can’t remember if my suits are clean!?” text from Sam, I know who I’m going to turn to.

Laundrapp are constantly running promotions and offers which make the service a lot more reasonable. It’s worth keeping an eye out for those deals.

Like other apps of its kind, it has a ‘refer a friend’ scheme, where you each get a £10 discount upon downloading the app and entering a referral code. That makes your first order a bit of a bargain and for that alone I’d say it’s definitely worth giving Laundrapp a go to see what you think. Use my code and I will LOVE you. It’s SATMCB

Laundrapp launched just last month and was London-based at first, but now they have expanded into Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Download the app to check whether Laundrapp is available in your area.


Thanks to Laundrapp for letting us trial your service and partnering with Sorry About The Mess. 


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